Friday, November 27, 2015

Israel Ukoko Live in Benin

"Wale where are you? You need to leave Lagos and come to Benin right away you have to meet Israel Ukoko" 

It was 2012 and I had gone to Lagos for the weekend but my pastor called me back to meet someone. I wasn't excited and I was wondering what could be so special about the man.

I got back to Benin around 12 midnight that Saturday so I could be in church on Sunday. 

Ladies and gentlemen it's been 3 years since that meeting and it is one of the wisest decisions I ever made! This is one of the wells I drink from! 

Isreal Ukoko is a life coach and a world class businessman, his clients include Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, Ashante of Ghana and billionaires from every nation of the world.

 I want you to have a life changing experience this weekend Israel Ukoko will be talking at the House on the Rock, Benin  No 77 Top Floor Eagle opposite Airport Gate Entrance on Saturday by 5pm prompt No African Time) 

You will thank me for it. Please make sure you approach him after the event and let him know you are from Adewale Aladejana. I celebrate you

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