Friday, November 27, 2015

Keep The Fire Burning!

John and Cynthia waited five years before they got married because they had to save for their wedding and all the while, they resisted the temptation to have sex as good Christians.
As the day of their wedding drew near, they were excited that they would finally pop the cherry... John was very excited because he was the virgin, Cynthia on the other hand had some amorous relationships before she got married.
John began to study for the wedding night, he researched on sex and the best positions, he studied Kamasutra and all the ancient love making techniques.
The D day finally came; John had left very strict instructions that the wedding reception should be short so that he and his new bride could be together. At 2pm, John and Cynthia left the reception hall to their hotel room, they were so exhausted that they fell asleep.
It was around 8pm in the evening that John got a tap from Cynthia, he looked at her and he saw the most beautiful woman in the world; she was dressed in baby pink lingerie and the look in her eyes made him hot all over.
The sex was great; they couldn't stay off each other. At any opportunity they made love in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the car and even at the cinema. They were so happy and they looked forward to this beautiful life forever...until Cynthia got pregnant.
It didn't take long for John to realize the honeymoon was over. Cynthia changed and so did her body; she began to gain weight as the pregnancy progressed and when the baby came, she added more weight, John also became more busy; he had to make more money to support his growing family, he leaves home early and comes back late and then he eats dinner and sits in front of the TV till he falls asleep.
One day at the office, a young lady was ushered in, she was a youth corper looking for placement, he took one look at her and he knew she was trouble. Her name was Caroline and she brought back memories of years ago. He knew he shouldn't have offered her the job as his secretary but he did, a few months later, he started having an affair with her.
Somehow, his wife Cynthia got to know and she was heartbroken, she filed for divorce, John apologized and broke off with Caroline, their pastors and family intervened but Cynthia would have none of it, she told them the marriage was over a long time ago and the affair was the confirmation.
Many Christian marriages are on the brink of collapse because everyone got busy; the wife got busy with the children and maybe work or business while the husband got busy with making more money, the result most times will be a steady decline till the marriage breaks up.
What should be done? I am not an authority in marriage as I have been married for only less than 2 years but I have studied many married couples and this is what I noticed:
1. They stopped being boyfriend and girlfriend and they became husband and wife: don't ever fall into that trap! Courtship was a lot of fun for many couples but marriage is boring. Go out, recreate moments from the time you were courting, wear those same clothes, dance, have fun!
2. They got too busy for love making: once the sex life is gone, it's only a matter of time. If you and your wife sleep on the same bed and you don't make love at least once every week, you are a time bomb! Ignite that fire!
3. They stopped talking about the little things; during courtship, you talked about everything but now you segregate the things you feel he or she would be interested in, communication is key, bring it back!
4. They stopped singing and dancing together; where did you throw all those songs you loved? Dig them out and dance!
5. They stopped complimenting each other; when was the last time you told your wife she is beautiful and you love her? Tell your wife you love her at least 5 times in a day!
The bible says in Proverbs 5:19 (KJV) 
Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

Ladies and gentlemen, your marriage is worth fighting for, don't watch it go down the drain, you chose each other and the reason why both of you made that decision is still valid, it's just that it's buried under so many issues, dig it out and start anew. May God bless our marriages in Jesus name! Amen

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