Wednesday, February 1, 2017



The Yorubas have a proverb that says "when things get good, keep it a secret" but the bible says "we have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony"

Many people don't share testimonies for 2 reasons; one is because of fear and the second reason is because the source of the blessing is not pure. If it is God making it happen for you, don't hide it, share it! The more I share testimonies, the more blessings come my way. Testimonies are a documentation of gratitude and God's power.

For those who have been following my posts, I talked about believing God for $100,000 to set up the Sapphire Scents factory.  I made some moves and I was expecting God to show up and He has began! 
As Sapphire Scents began to grow I realized I couldn't keep up with demand so the Holy Spirit gave me an idea to look for investors who would bring in money, we would manufacture perfumes, sell and return their money with interest. 

God has been faithful to us, investors always get their money on time, it's disgusting when you don't have integrity as a Christian, if people can't trust you with money you are not a good example of who a Christian is. 

I would be going to dubai soon and I thought it would be a good opportunity to buy lots of oils with which we make our attars and get people to bring them in for me, I wouldn't be paying for cargo and they would arrive on time.  

One of my investors had told me that he was investing 10 Million Naira. Wow! Amazing! So I called him up and told him about my plans but he said he wasn't sure he could lay his hands on money at the period I gave him. I needed to get as much money as possible but it wasn't coming so I just put my phones on silent mode and began to sing praises.

I was lost in the presence of God for over 2 hours and when I was done, I checked my phone, it was an alarm!🙆🙆🙆 not an alert 😁😁.  The person who wanted to invest Ten Million Naira just sent the first deposit, it wasn't the whole money but it would let me buy as much goods as I wanted. 

How did a business that started less than 2 years attract that kind of money? Remember the first week of January I sowed 2 Million Naira and I ended January with a 10 Million Naira investment and that is just the beginning! God is the best business partner you will ever have! If you don't know this, you are not ready to take over. 

Don't join all those people telling you pastors collect your money, invest in the Gospel, anything you put in the hands of a true man of God will multiply! 

You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed. #ThankYouJesus

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