Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Worship Playlist

God doesn't eat food, He feeds on our praises. Every morning when I wake up the Holy Spirit whispers a song to me. You need to understand that worship music is very important to God, the closest angels to God in heaven are worship angels and what they say all day is "Holy Holy Holy"

If you were a good wife you would ask your husband what he would want to eat every morning and he would tell you. The same way God's food is worship!

This morning the Holy Spirit whispered Hillsong  to me, I had never really listened to them and then as I did I felt led to compile a list of the worship music I am listening to at the moment.

The truth is that there is no man of God doing exploits who doesn't have a worship playlist. It is during worshipping God with music that the ideas come and everybody goes "wow that is brilliant" (Awon malaika lo gbe wa 🙌🙌🙌) it was downloaded from heaven!

There is a spiritual creativity and intelligence you tap into when you worship God with music and that is why I look for new worship music that carries the Spirit of God. Not all worship music are inspired by the Holy Spirit,  if you are spiritually sensitive you will know when you listen to them.

These are what I am listening to at the moment and you can check them on YouTube. I will also post their videos later today on Facebook set so please watch out for them.

1. Terry Macalmon: The Symphony of Love.

2.  Victoria Orenze:  On Fire

3. Hill Song: Open Heaven

4.  Jesus Culture: Unstoppable Love Album

If the worship songs you listen to don't usher in God's presence any longer its time to look for new ones. Keep your atmosphere of worship fresh, create an atmosphere of miracles around you and you will see wonders in Jesus name.

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