Friday, April 11, 2014

Que Sera Sera - Tolu and Tope

Que Sera Sera; "What will be, will be". Although I do not believe this idiom is always true, there are some exceptional cases. Like the story of Tolu and Tope. Tolu is a sister to me, she is one of the nicest and most unforgettable ladies I know and I totally understand why Escape could not escape from her. If you are the right one for him, he can leave but he will come back. Why? His future cannot begin without you. Enjoy...

The Beginning

About 100 km away from my university at Ago Iwoye, my very good friend, Bunmi had just started her internship with Guaranty Trust Bank. It was a total different experience for her – the corporate world. Here, she had to resume work within the stipulated time, follow laid down procedures as well as report to her supervisors. One of these supervisors was a welcoming and approachable guy. He was her supervisor but he made work a living heaven.

Phone gists…..connecting Lagos and Ago Iwoye

During one of my calls to Bunmi, she informed me that her boss was disturbing and asking questions about me. I began to wonder what kind of a fellow would not mind his business and interfere in other people’s relationships. Moreover, this guy had not seen me before neither had I met  him. Even with the advancements in technology, Bunmi and I had never exchanged his pictures.

Escaping nowhere…

How on earth can someone give himself such a name – Escape! Escape from where, escape to where; how did he escape? These were the questions on my mind when Bunmi introduced the guy to me as Escape. My curiosity knew no bounds. I exchanged numbers with this guy called “Escape” and we began to talk. Frankly speaking, Escape was a nice and interesting fella. He never failed to crack my ribs whenever we were talking on the phone.

But what is the identity of Escape?

In my mind, I had come up with different personality profiles of what Escape would look like but these were all figments of my imagination. Out of the blues, he invited me to Lagos. Me…leave Ago Iwoye and travel to Lagos? How do I explain that I am travelling to Lagos as a second year student who was supposed to be in school? I bluntly refuted his invite and told him if he was interesting in seeing me, he should be the one to drive down to Ago Iwoye. Hoping to get a positive response, he declined and we didn’t talk for a long time.

Lagos…job searching

After school and the compulsory yet annoying National Youth Service, I got a job in Lagos and had to relocate from Ibadan to Lagos. After settling down to the ever bustling life of Lagos and the demands of the job, I began to enjoy the Lagos “life”. Out of the blues, Escape surfaced again; we met on my birthday on November 2nd  and we began to talk and see each other. This was a guy that refused to come to Ago Iwoye to see me some years ago and now he was seemingly all over me.

That feeling…
I loved his company and I started developing feelings for him. He is a lot of fun to be with and I fell for him.

The Proposal
On January 11, 2014, Temitope took me to his mother and said, "this is the girl I want to marry". I was shocked because we never discussed marriage but I was very excited. The rest as they say, is history.


  1. No room for Escaping!!!

  2. Yaaay it is so true wat ever God has destined 2 be will surely be no matter wat...nd may D Almighty continue 2 sweeten ur union.Cheers 2 d Escapeys

  3. Yes oh...Escape from bachelorhood! and typical of Nija guys... just told mummy this is the girl I want to I wish you guys all the best

  4. Congrats guys! Your marriage would be blessed and beautiful.Beautiful love story!

  5. Congratulations oga Escape, and the trapper, I hail. A nice couple u guys would turn out and your dreams would surely come true and be blessed. I celebrate you two.
    Lare Animasahun (Idoani Crew)