Thursday, April 10, 2014

Our Love Story -Tolu and Tunji

I love this blog! I love my readers all over the world. I am so blessed and privileged to share these beautiful love stories with you. It was definitely a wise decision to share Christian love stories on this blog. If you are getting married or you just got married, we would love to share your story and pictures also. 
I am honored to be sharing the story and pictures of Tolu and Tunji; Tunji is a brilliant gentleman I met a while back; on behalf of My Testimonys Blog, we pray that you have a splendid wedding next weekend.  Enjoy...

How we met

In 2012, I met Tolulope through my younger sister Seun who happened to be a member of her Christian fellowship back in the University of Ibadan. I had engaged my sister in a thorough discussion about how hard it was to meet a decent and God fearing lady. Our discussion had dragged on for three days so she was a bit concerned about my plight; she mentioned Tolulope but quickly dismissed the fact that I could start anything with her considering my past relationships.

Few days later I asked her to link me up but she hesitated since she was not sure of my seriousness. Eventually I persuaded her by coming up with a strategy to meet up with Tolu. I asked if Tolu loves reading books and she was affirmative. I then got a book from her favorite writer and pleaded with Seun to allow me give it to Tolu on her behalf.

The book titled is The Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers.

I had been dating Tolu for about four months and I was convinced to take it further. Planning the proposal was a great task for me. Hence, I recruited some friends to assist me to deliver a memorable experience.
It was on Tolu’s birthday on the 5th of May and I had lied about travelling to Abuja to deliver a presentation four days before her birthday. As expected she was sad that I would not be available to celebrate with her. I connived with my sister, Tolu’s friends, colleague and brother to deliver the surprise. Only two out of the ten guests were privy of my main intentions, others thought it was just a surprise birthday party.

Tolu was accompanied home by my younger sister and her fiancé (now husband) only to see her house decorated and full of her loved ones. The aroma of grilled fish filled the air, she hugged everyone present but I was nowhere to be found. Voila! I came out of hiding and for the first time since I have known Tolu I saw her deepest smile.

A friend brought out a DVD titled “Love Lives Here” (see video here: and slotted it into the player. I was nervous but the video did half of my major task for the day.
I brought out some cupcakes in a box, inscribed on them were the words “BE MY WIFE”. I said some few words and brought out the engagement ring.

Our introduction was held on the 14th of December, 2013 and to the glory of God, we’ll be getting married on Saturday April 19, 2014.





  1. Uhm Nice!!! Shez ma birthday mate... congrats gal!!

  2. Thank you, we hope to share your pictures on this blog also.