Thursday, April 24, 2014

Issue of Blood healed at House On The Rock, Benin

We bless God for the wonderful miracles God has wrought through Pastor Iyke Samuels, not a week goes by that we do not have testimonies of miraculous healing and breakthrough. Some testimonies are sensitive so people may want to send anonymously. If God has done something awesome in your life, don't hesitate to share. Remember, we have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Enjoy...

It all started two months ago.  I woke up one morning and I started bleeding. I knew it wasn't time for the usual monthly flow. I was a little worried, but I was also a little relaxed because I thought the flow came a little early this time.  My menstrual cycle usually takes three days at most but this time, it was going beyond three days and it was not stopping.
I told my parents and they advised that I go to the hospital and complain. I went immediately, the doctor just told me that I have a lot of sugar in my system and he gave me some drugs which I used religiously but still, the flow continued.

I told my parents again and they took me for a scan and all kinds of tests, but still the doctors couldn't say what the problem was. They continued giving me all kinds of drugs, nothing worked. It continued flowing; it started in February and we were already in March, nothing changed. My parents stopped taking me to the hospital because they knew it was no longer a physical battle. They started praying. Meanwhile our fasting programme was on. I don't usually fast but I decided to take the fasting seriously.

The last day of the workers fast, I noticed I didn't wake up as I used to since the flow started; there was no flow anymore. I didn't want to shout and get excited just in case it returned. So I rushed to the hospital and told them. The doctor said it was not possible that the flow could have stopped by itself and they advised that I should wait for a month and see if it comes back. If it doesn’t, then they would believe I was fine.

I waited for the one month they asked me to wait but already I knew I was healed. After one month, the doctors couldn't say what exactly happened. All they kept saying was that it was a miracle. Since the fasting programme ended till now (which is over 2 months), I have not had the bleeding again.
Glory to God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! I am healed.

My Issue of blood is gone! 
Sis. N

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  1. This kain God i never see ur type ooooo,this kain Jehovah blessed be ur holy name heeeeeeeeeeheee my God eeeee good.
    All the Glory be ascribed to Jehovah Almighty Halleluyah.