Monday, April 24, 2017

Testimony Thursday

After you become born again and you have embraced prayers, fasting and living a holy life, the most important thing you want to embrace after that is seed sowing. If you will do exploits as a Christian you must trust God and use your faith to sow financial seeds and trust God to multiply what you have sown. When Dr Mike Murdock came to COZA last year, he called for a seed of $10,000. He shared his testimony of how God began to give him favor with men of stature who took his ministry to another level and how through that he now has over 100,000 monthly partners. I wanted that testimony but I didn't have $10,000 so I came out in faith. Never ever forget that God gives seed to a sower and He multiplies the seed sown. Around August of last year I had the $10,000 and I went to see Baba and placed it in his hands. He began to pray some dangerous prayers, one of the things he said was "let this $10,000 become change to you". I told him that I wanted expansion in my business and my own estate and many more. Looking back between then and now God has been faithful! $10,000 is no longer a lot of money, Sapphire Scents is expanding rapidly, investors and business partners are rolling and we have the land for Sapphire Estate. As if that was not enough, God began to mention my name in high places and men of stature began to look for me! The proudest moment of my life so far is coming on the 28th of April I will be talking at a dinner organized by Kings College Old Boys Association by Gods grace. If you are a Kings College Old Boy you will know that it is a privilege to address Kingsmen. Kings College has produced Nigeria's finest and greatest men and to be offered that platform is totally unforgettable to me. If you will begin to use your faith to trust God to give you seeds to sow you will watch your life shine like the sun. Don't listen to those fools who say nonsense about pastors and seed sowing I am a testimony and my results are undeniable. Beloved you need to embrace this part of salvation. You will see results like never before. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

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