Monday, April 3, 2017

Honor The Closest Link

When I hear people say they love their pastor but don't honor those around him I laugh. If you don't love your neighbor that you see everyday you can't love God that is unseen. Jesus said " when you gave to the poor and the needy around you were giving to Me! If you were coming from the office and you wanted to check if PHCN had brought light you would check a house close to yours! When God also wants to test if you love and honor Him, He will check your relationship with those closest to you! Love and honor the closest link! You can't say you love and honor God then you gossip and bad mouth men of God. The day you learn the secret of honor is the day you start receiving blessings. When you honor the closest link God brings you closer. May God give us wisdom in Jesus name. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading.

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