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Gbemi & Siji; When A King Meets His Queen

Siji was one of my groomsmen and he told me few days after my wedding, "I am going to propose to her"and he proposed a week after my wedding. I guess the thought had been on his mind but when I met Gbemi, I knew why he was getting married, he had met the one woman who had the key to his heart, Gbemi on her part had met her king.
 Ladies, until you see that man as a king, he is not the one but then, it takes a queen to recognise a king and Gbemi is no doubt a queen. 

This is one pre wedding story and pictures you will not forget in a long time. Enjoy...

How we met - Gbemi's story
It was on my birthday 11th of November, 2012. My chief bridesmaid and birthday mate - Demidun, decided to chill at her house to celebrate our birthday, before going to the motherless babies' home. We were at her house with some friends of hers, my sister and a mutual friend, when he walked in among others LOL and I noticed the black guy in green  trads (I love green, but the one he wore was just not it. LOL) and I was like, "mehn he is black o", (in a nice way though).

After a while, we stepped out to check out some outfits his friend was marketing. He came out also and got me a shirt since I mentioned it was my birthday (awww how nice right). We exchanged Blackberry pins but really didn’t chat much; guess we weren't in the chatting mood (wonder why).

Sometime later, I went into an office with a friend and alas we met again (apparently he worked there then). We greeted each other and that was it (imagine, boring guy right *thumbs down*).

I changed phones and we lost his contact. LOL (it was expected, we don't chat remember *wink*). As fate would have it, we met again at a party, as usual we exchanged greetings. I must have been feeling flirty because I remember asking him to take me somewhere but he refused saying he couldn't leave the people he came with... "Like seriously who's this one forming for"... Hiss... can’t even take a hint.
Few months later, Demidun mentioned she was at a friend's place while we were chatting and I was like "is it that your black friend? Say hello to him for me" (since that's what our relationship was based on since we met. LOL.). I was shocked when she was like he asked for my number which she gave him.

It has to be God righ?... LOOL... We chatted EVERYDAY (he had learnt) and eventually decided to meet AGAIN (finally). I enjoyed every moment spent with him that day, we spoke about everything. We started seeing each other every day, and I mean EVERYDAY, till we got so fond of ourselves.

He is an amazing person, fun to be with, caring and understanding. So glad I met my KING!!! (My Papalolo) *biggrin*

Siji's story

I met Degbemi on the 11th of November, 2012 which happened to be her birthday, my mother's birthday and the birthday of a close friend Demidun.
I just drove in from Lagos that day, when Demidun buzzed and said she was having a get together at her place, to celebrate her birthday. Though I was tired and exhausted, I asked my friends, and they said we should go. I can remember clearly that I wore a navy green trad that day ( Gbemi claims to hate the trads. LOL.).

We got to Demidun's house that evening, and funny enough I went with two pretty ladies. LOL. I entered and saw about 5 ladies in the house already; 2 looked so much alike; Gbemi and her sister Fisayo. Since I came with people, I just said hi to all the ladies in the house and walked in to get something to eat. 

After chilling for a while, a friend of mine - BisoyeWades told the ladies that he had some Wades shirt for sale, and that was where the eyeing started. LOL. We all went outside to check the shirts, and that was when Gbemi mentioned that it was her birthday as well. She asked what I was giving her for her birthday and I told my guy to give her one of the Wades polo shirts (which she still cherishes. LOL.)

I asked for her Blackberry pin (since I bought shirt, I should at least have something na, abi?), she gave me her pin, and then we parted. I tried chatting her up few times after that day, but she didnt seem to be the chatting type because her responses were short and direct, so I locked up and didn't want to be a pest.
She came to my office coincidentally one day with a friend of hers, I saw her and greeted her and just moved on, because I felt like she deleted me from her bbm since I didnt see her contact anymore. As God would have it, around February 2013 (almost 3 months after I met her), I got a Whatsapp chat from Demidun saying Gbemi asked of me. hmmmmmm. I was like wow "she feeling the boy now?". LOL
I told Demidun to give me her contact, and that's how we started chatting again, and funny enough we chatted more and we blended easily, from chatting I visited her at work, then started seeing her everyday, and from there I bet you can all guess where I am heading to.... 27th of December, 2014 was born *biggrin*. Thats how I met my Le Boo.
I was mainly attracted to her because she is understanding, she listens, and she is very caring... That's why she is my baby.
 The Proposal

On that fateful day, a friend of Siji (Goke) formed a group chat and said he wanted to take us out that evening. It sounded unusual, but since we always hung out together most times, I didn't think much of it.
The meeting place was at Nouveau, which coincidentally was the place Siji took me for dinner on my birthday in 2013. It felt strange but I decided to go with the flow, it happens.
We had few drinks and ate, the host (Goke) went into the main lounge and came back to say they had a free treat for us on the house, since we were the first customers to come that day.

The waiter brought over a covered bowl few minutes later, and placed it in the middle of the table (with "down on one by sarkodie" playing in the background).
Goke opened the bowl. Before I realized, Siji picked what was in it and went on his knees.

I was so shocked, I was blushing with excitement (like OMG!!!). He said "I will love for you to be my wife". I shouted a big "YES" and kept screaming "OMG" I am getting married!!!

I was really happy because it was the last thing I expected from Siji. He usually ignored me whenever I talked about marriage or anything that had to do with it. But I will say that I was really happy, and saying YES to him is still a decision I will never regret.

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  1. Lovely I finally get to read the love story gbemi n siji refused to tell me...congratulations my darlings