Monday, December 15, 2014

Jesus Gave Me A Dream Job

I am a graduate of Law from Olabisi Onabanjo University (OSU). I prefer to call it the hustler's university because nothing comes easy in OSU. It was just a case of ‘everybody for himself, God for all'. I was not the unserious type in university but somehow I managed to finish with a 3rd Class. I moved on having faith in God but sometimes a voice would ask me if I could ever make it.

I went to law school and thank God I finished with a 2.2 (I need not mention that a 2.2 in law school is like a first class in university). I read like I would die for the examinations. I must let you know that I was expecting my first child by the time I gained admission into the law school and I had my baby before I started my exams. It wasn’t easy; I missed many classes due to my state. God has always been my rock all along but this time I knew it could only be God. Most of those who tutored me in preparation for the law school exam had a 3rd class but here I was with a 2.2.

I served with the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and since I completed my service year in 2012, I have been on the quest to get a job. I should also let you know that I attended the University of Ibadan (UI) briefly before I went to OSU to start all over. (I wasn't expelled o, it was just very difficult for me to cross over to the Faculty of Law in U.I). So most of my mates with whom we were in secondary school together and even entered U.I at the same time graduated since 2007, so in a way, I was behind.

After my service year, I got fed up with the whole 'law' thing and I just felt like I was not cut out for such.  I worked with a firm or two because I didn’t have an option, the pay was also peanuts. I even worked with one this year as a volunteer earning nothing but all along, I kept telling God I wanted a Civil Service job because by now, I already had two girls and I knew working in most of these private companies or firms would be too demanding for me.

So anytime I prayed, I told God “Daddy, I want a good job that I would enjoy, that would enable me have time for my family, that would enable me have time for my business (as I had started a little bit of buying and selling to make a little income for myself at least while waiting for my prayers to be answered) and finally, a job that would make me smile to the bank at the end of every month”.

I tried getting a job with the Lagos state Ministry of Justice but it was a battle, they said I had a 3rd class and that was a barrier. I kept holding on and my dad just thought to speak with a family friend, the man asked for my CV and certificates. Along the line, I learnt the Lagos State Civil Service was also recruiting and I applied but deep down I preferred the Federal Government job.

Last week, I got a text message to come to Abuja for an interview. I went for the interview and after I returned, the devil tried to manipulate me by putting all sorts of negative ideas in my mind and I was almost losing hope. I called my pastor and a few friends to pray along with me; my pastor said "don't worry, you'll get the job”. He had even congratulated me immediately I finished the interview.  I kept on praising God because the month of November has been tagged "Our month of praise".

About a week later, I got a call to come pick up my appointment letter to resume work January 2nd.The most interesting part of this job is that it is close to my house; we all know that if you live in Lagos and your workplace is close to your house, you are not just lucky, you are blessed. I am so grateful to God. He is a true God and never forsakes His own.

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