Friday, December 12, 2014

Buki & Olumide: Through The Years

There is something about the right woman that will make you wait for as long as it takes and follow her to the ends of the earth because you know from the bottom of your heart that your future cannot start without that woman. 

Buki and Olumide dated for 9 years! When Buki relocated to the United States, Olumide relocated as well, both of them will be back in Nigeria to tie the knots. This is a story of love, hope and above all trust and faith in Jesus Christ.These people knew what they wanted and they made sure no obstacle was big enough to keep them apart. Buki and Olumide. We celebrate you. Enjoy...

Our Story


Once upon a time, I happened to look outside the window of my room. I saw this knight in shining armour riding on a white horse.  Alas! it was love at first sight because as I held his gaze, it was like my next breath depended on him.....snap back, this is not Disney...LOL    

Well, everyone has a story and here is my own version and it was not love at first sight. We actually grew up in the same neighbourhood and went to the same primary school but we didn’t really know each other. I just knew that there was a family called "Adakeja" living in the estate. Our parents knew each other though.

It all began one fateful evening in 2004, I can't remember what month exactly but Olumide came with a  friend (Boris) to our house and they said they were looking for "Buki". They apparently didn’t know who I was because my sister opened the gate for them and they thought I was her. Well the friend came to look for woman o! 

They introduced themselves, I didn’t know who the friend was but I recognised Olumide's last name. Well in short I used "my daddy will be coming home soon" to scare them away. I remember how they left in a hurry when I mentioned pop's name..LOL. 

Anyways from there, we exchanged numbers and used to talk once in a while....Later on when I was home in 2005 for holidays, the once in awhile became more frequent and as they say, the rest is history.


So we grew up in the same estate and both families knew each other even though there was no personal interaction between both of us until that decisive evening when my friend (Boris) and I   went to Buki's place and knocked at their gate (yes we were that bold..LOL).  

It was decisive because it signaled the beginning of the friendship that is leading to this wonderful union. Even though we left there hurriedly, I made sure I didn’t leave without getting her cell phone number. 

Thereafter, we seldom talked on the phone but the few times we talked were cherished moments.
There was a particular holiday Buki was back in Ado from Babcock Uni. She knew it was going to be a long one and thought about her Ado Ekiti buddies. I am sure my name must have popped up on her mind as one harmless friend that could be  good company hence she called. That holiday gave birth to this relationship. 

We talked a few times on the phone and later arranged to meet. When I saw her, I was immediately attracted to her brown eyeballs which were quite unique. I remember we talked about computers and her smart conversation thrilled me. I was overly excited throughout the time we spent together and all I could do at night when I got home was to reminisce on the short time we spent together. There and then I wanted to see the pretty Buki again and again so much so that we are now at the nuptial stage. 

Getting closer to her, I realized that she’s very enthusiastic about God and a fervent believer of Christ. Trust me that sealed it! This is no doubt a situation of identifying what I wanted, going all out for it and to the glory of God I am getting married to her!


  1. Harmless indeed. What a beautiful story :) . I have known a lot of great men and women, but none has being such an incredible inspiration like Olumide. So, it is fabulous to have an opportunity to celebrate him, especially on an event like this. I wish you all the good in matrimony. Once again, congratulations, sir!

  2. This is awesome, inspiring and I pray your wedding would be the beginning of better things to come. Marital bliss...

  3. Boris Boris Boris.... My guy. Congrat Olumide nice one.

  4. Nice love story. Punch line Boris Boris boris. Congrats Adaks

  5. My warm congratulations to the couple! Nice story!

  6. My warm congratulations to the couple! Nice story!