Thursday, January 28, 2016

Obey The Voice of The Holy Spirit

  "Someone will bash your Mercedes Benz in traffic today, don't get angry, be nice and calm"

Richard was on his face praying when he heard the Holy Spirit whisper those words to him. He was shocked, this definitely could not be the Holy Spirit, he began to bind every plan of the devil for the day. 

The car was old, it was a 2003 Mercedes, the car had started giving him many problems but money was also an issue. For someone to bash him would put him in serious financial trouble. He prayed hard till he had peace and he was confident that nothing of the such would happen.

Richard closed from work and headed home, he was listening to Frank Edwards on the car stereo, the traffic light had passed him and he was making a turn when he suddenly saw a G wagon beat the traffic and head directly for him "Jesus Christ!" He exclaimed and the next thing he heard was a loud thud by the side of his car. Rather than get angry, he was surprisingly calm.

The driver of the car was very disturbed because his Oga was in the car, nothing happened to the G wagon but the passenger side of Richard's car was disfigured. 

A crowd had immediately gathered to see what would happen. Oga stepped out  of the car and headed for Richard, he was very worried but when he saw that Richard was fine and calm he relaxed and apologized profusely. 

He was shocked at how courteous and  calm Richard was and then he said "please let me make it up to you, I sell cars, I will have them tow your car, file a police report and repair it and you can also come and pick a car at my office right now. Please join me inside my car"

Richard pinched himself and said "wow thank you so much sir" but inside he felt like screaming.  He got to the car shop and the man had only the latest Mercedes Benz; all 2016, the man said he could have anyone. Richard pointed to the 2016 CLA and immediately they fixed the registration and he also told Richard he would be responsible for the comprehensive insurance and the servicing of the car.

Richard got into his new car and all he could say was "Thank You Jesus".

The bible tells us in 1 Timothy 1:17(KJV) Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, THE ONLY WISE GOD, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.

God is wise and way smarter than you could ever be and if this is true, why do you still disobey instructions? There are certain strange things God will tell you to do that you may never understand until you obey. This year don't analyze what the Holy Spirit has asked you to do. As long as you know His voice and you have peace go ahead!  The results of obedience are for your good! God is not a kill joy, anything God has asked you to do is to make your life better don't ever forget that.

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Jesus is Lord 

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