Saturday, January 23, 2016

3 Reasons You Are Still Single

Tinuke was a beautiful, 6 feet tall woman, she had a good job and good friends but at 40 she was still single. Many men who were charmed by her beauty would date her for a few weeks and simply walk away. She would pray and believe God but it seemed as though God was not answering that particular prayer. What is wrong with Tinuke?

There are many women in Tinuke's shoes today, it strikes me when a woman is beautiful and sweet and still can't find a husband. I am discussing what I have observed so this doesn't apply to every woman. 

1.Selfishness/ Love of money: many women who have been single for a long time decided to choose  financial security through a job or sugar daddy before they considered settling down. You can't really blame some of these women because they may have loved before and the man they gave their heart messed up. 

2016 is your year, quit that job that takes all your time and doesn't give you time to socialize and meet people, you are not a slave and you can't have it all; work, life, balance. Tell Alhaji it's over, you may have to squat with a friend when the house rent he paid expires but trust God! 

2.A woman who lacks grace on her lips: The bible talks about the proverbs 31woman: she opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her lips (Proverbs 31:26 ESV)
Some women are drop dead gorgeous and irresistible till they get angry. The venom that comes out of some women's mouth is their biggest undoing. A rude woman is ugly no matter how beautiful she looks outwardly. Men NEVER marry the woman that turns them off! You may have quarrels but some women say things they can't take back. Season your words with grace in 2016. 

3. Envy/ disdain for married friends/ women 

Most single women cut off from their married friends because they become too busy with their families. I hear single women say stuff like "Abeg marriage is overrated" and then they console themselves with all the bad marriages they know. You will never get married if you keep on disdaining marriage because you can't attract what you don't respect. 

Help out your friends getting married, sow seeds in their lives and from time to time maintain contact with your married friends. Honor where you are headed, don't be a part of the marriage hating crew. 

May God help us all this year. 

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Jesus is Lord 

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