Friday, January 8, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Not Marry That Man

Ruth lay on the hospital bed with a broken rib, a swollen mouth and a swollen eye. She was in pains; her body hurt and her heart hurt. If only she had listened to advice she would never have married Richard.

She remembered how she met him like yesterday; it was his Oud perfume and his eyes; when he spoke she felt weak at the knees. From that moment, Ruth wanted to be with Richard everyday, she was a Christian and she knew better but in less than 2 weeks, she was sleeping with him; she was hooked, he was like a drug she was addicted to, she felt like the bible was not entirely true because here was this man who didn't even care about God and he made her feel like she was in heaven everyday.

Richard proposed 6 months later and against her pastor and parents' advise, she married Richard. It didn't take long before she realized she had made the mistake of her life, she found out Richard was a chronic womanizer who had been married before and even had children out of wedlock, he was also fond of smoking marijuana whenever he was in the restroom and when she complained, she got a slap that made her see a picture of heaven. Richard would beat her and then rape her.

Ruth suffered all of it in silence because she didn't want people to laugh at her or pity her especially her family and friends so she kept avoiding them and stopped going to church. 

As Ruth lay on the hospital bed, she realized that if she continued like this, she would soon end up dead. She decided to call her pastor and the police and she reported the case. Richard has been arrested and is presently facing prosecution.

I am talking to women this morning and I want to give you 3 reasons why you shouldn't marry that man.

1. Don't marry him if he doesn't fear God; how do you know if a man fears God? It's not about going to church everytime, it's about doing what the bible says. Does he live his life according to the bible? Is he a tither? (Don't even think of dating a guy who doesn't tithe) Will he rather sleep on Sunday than go to church? Does he have a relationship with his pastor? Is he submitted to spiritual leadership in his church? Is he involved in legitimate business? Does he mock men of God? (Very important) who can you report him to when he misbehaves?

2. Don't marry him if he has ever hit you! Many women always hope that a physically abusive guy will change (story for the gods) it will only increase if you marry him. If he was slapping you before marriage, expect him to start punching you when you marry him. Marriage has a way of magnifying your weakness, it will only get worse. He may apologise and call it a mistake, run for your life and be thankful to God that you saw that part of him before you married him.

3. Don't marry him if he asks for sex before marriage: I am talking to Christian women and we need not debate the issue; PREMARITAL SEX IS A SIN! If he says he is a man of God and he wants to get in your panties, don't marry him! You will deal with infidelity in the future, if he cannot control himself with you, he will cheat on you in the future and nothing destroys a man and a family faster than sexual immorality. The bible says  in Proverbs 6:26 For by means of a harlot a man is REDUCED to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will prey upon his precious life.

There are many other factors but with these three you can know if the man you are dating right now is the person you should spend the rest of your life with. May you not miss it in marriage! 

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