Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What To do When You Begin To Prosper

Genesis 26:13 (NKJV) The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous;
There is always the beginning to prosperity, a time will come when God will open new channels of blessing in your life, be very sensitive and observant. It may not be five million naira but the point is you are now making more money or you have more opportunities than what you had in the past. It could be a promotion or even people walking up to you to give you money.
Apart from removing your tithe first, there are 3 things you must do when God begins to bless you thus;
1. Thanksgiving: every time you get that extra money, every time someone you didn't expect gives you money, every time you get paid your new salary. Dance and praise God, acknowledge Him as the Source, let God know that it is not a coincidence, recognise Him as the wind beneath your wings. Whatever you thank God for will always multiply.
2. Share your testimony: your testimony is another person's miracle, don't hide what God is doing, as you testify, God takes the glory and He is committed to doing more for you.
3. Believe that God wants to give you more than what He has given you right now: the bible says the man ‪#‎began to prosper and ‪#‎continued prospering until he became ‪#‎very prosperous. God wants you to be very prosperous, you must settle it that God is not a flash in the pan, He can bless you consistently till you overflow.
The devil will tell you that what you are enjoying is just for a season but tell him to shut up because the bible said 'the path of the just is like a shining light that shines brighter and brighter until the perfect day' (Proverbs 4:18). It means you will never have a better yesterday, it means where you are is the least you will ever be. Don't ever allow the devil to sell you that lie, refuse to accept anything less than what the word of God says.
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Jesus is Lord. Shalom

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