Friday, November 14, 2014

Iseoluwa and Kunle; A Wedding Testimony

This testimony and wedding blew my mind. Beloved, another man's testimony is proof that God can do the same for you.I pray this testimony births faith in your heart. Enjoy...

Kunle's Testimony

Do you really know the power of dust? We are truly created in God’s image, God formed us from dust, in Genesis He said let's create man in Our image, the power of dust goes a long way, everything in this world is made from dust.

Herbalists use dust for incantation and blow it into the air and bad things start happening, Muslim Alfas use dust for praying or for cursing (tabatiada), Christians sometimes go to the beach which is a dusty area to pray. I learnt the principle of speaking God’s word into dust and my story changed.

This God is just too much, my life is a big testimony, I wasn't born with a silver spoon but what God has done in my life made me understand that this God is just a MIGHTY GOD. Okiki Mighty, Okiki Sugar , Okiki Honey, Oyigiyigi ,Arugbo Ojo , Adagbamatepa, Gbanigbani lojo isoro, Oba loni , Oba lana, Oba titi ayeraye.

Our wedding was fixed for 22nd & 23rd August 2014and planning started.  I did the 100 days fasting proclaimed by Pastor Adeboye for Redeemed Christian Church of God members  little did I know I was fasting for the future and the battle ahead of me.

One month to our wedding, all customers refused to pay up, my Dad and I started pleading to all customers; we had never done that before.  Someone close to the family of my wife and I decided to sponsor the clothes for both families, bought our wedding rings and gave us a jeep for the wedding; all these happened to the glory of God. Yet we were left with so many things undone. It was a week to the wedding and we had not bought drinks!By Thursday August 21, the miracles began; up till now everything still looks like a dream to me, customers I never believed started paying up, people that promised started redeeming their pledges.

After the wedding, I asked my wife where she would want us to go for the honeymoon, she said Dubai. We couldn’t afford it but we prayed about it. Suddenly, a family friend called and apologised for not attending the wedding and would love to sponsor us to Dubai. We got to Dubai and we met another group who sponsored our honeymoon. God just used this medium to open so many doors. I have so many business connections in Dubai at the moment.

My wife and I have decided to pay for the visa issue fees for any two newlywed couples that would love to go to Dubai for their honeymoon but they will handle their ticket.

By God’s grace, before ending ending/early next year, we will be moving into our own house.

Pre Wedding Pictures


Wedding Pictures




  1. congrats iseoluwa and kunle. I wish u HML. If you are serious about sponsoring a married couple for the Visa fee, my fiance and i would like to take the offer for our honeymoon if it is still available. Pls contact on Thanks