Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ronke & Elaigwu; Always & Forever

I bless the day the Holy Spirit whispered the idea to start this blog to me. It has been awesome sharing mind blowing testimonies and love stories. This is yet another love story about God's faithfulness and yes! the new sexy are young, stylish, classy, successful, Godly men and women who do not have sex before marriage. That is the true definition of  sexy men and  women. 
Ronke and Elaigwu have lived by example and we are very proud of them. We celebrate them as we share their love story. Enjoy...

I attend Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC) and I am a leader in church but before I became a leader, I was the most unserious person ever. 
Elaigwu saw me the first day he came to church (according to him) he said I was wearing a red dress but I don’t even have one. I believe he was seeing in the Spirit (LOL).

We were preparing for winepress 2010 (spiritual growth camp) and he was just a new born again Christian. I was on the committee with my sister and her husband and I noticed he kept staring at me and started getting close to my sister. 

I actually did not want to date anyone, I was still all for having fun. He was on my case  for 2 years, I went for my NYSC in Abuja and he stays in Abuja so he visited me a couple of times, we had fun but at the time, I was seeing someone so we had to stop getting close. 

I was so lost in my relationship that I knew I had to break it off, I prayed so hard and I fasted because things were not just working right for me, I needed to get back to the place where God wanted me to be. 

 So I prayed and held on to Philippians 4:13: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’. That was when I had the courage to end my relationship. While I was praying, the Holy Spirit kept showing me Elaigwu because I was asking for a man after God’s heart and He said He already had one for me

I needed time after my ended relationship to get close to Elaigwu but we did not date, we stayed friends for six months for me to heal and after six months, we started dating in November 2012. 

 I knew we were meant to be together because it was so easy to talk to him, to share with him, we fought like crazy maybe because we had nothing else to do though (LOL). We did not have sex and well, that leaves a lot of spare time to do other things especially talk. We became so close and real, he is my best friend, my father and my husband. 

Then December 27, 2013 he proposed to me at the beach; we took a boat ride to a beach house at Ilashe, (Lagos, Nigeria) with friends, he took me for a walk on the beach and said he wanted to give me my birthday present, he brought out a wrapped phone and it was the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

 I was jumping around excited when he brought out my second SIM card;  he had stolen it from my phone the previous day during dinner... (LOL). He had cut the SIM to size and then he inserted it into the phone and the first thing I noticed was the screen saver; it was a picture of him on his knees with a ring. I ran away and when I turned back, he was on his knees on hot sand asking me to be his wife. I was excited; I don’t even remember saying yes. (LOL)

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