Monday, September 29, 2014

Folasayo and Biodun; A Woman, A Lover, A Friend

I am grateful to God for many things; one of which is the fact that my family and friends are doing very well. Biodun and I are family; we go way back from our days of stealing mum's car to the very many house parties (LOL). We rocked! Here we are today, getting married to beautiful, gorgeous women. God has been good to us.

I bring you the pre wedding pictures and story of Folashayo and Biodun, its a story of a woman who stood by her man through thick and thin and a man who knew what he wanted from the moment he saw her. They met on Blackberry Messenger, I met my wife on Facebook! Ladies, make sure your pictures on BBM and Facebook are always beautiful, you can never tell (LOL). Enjoy...


Sometime towards the end of February 2012 I met my soon to be wife (I refer to her as wife already anyway) on Blackberry Messenger (BBM). My very good friend and school sister Ololade Olubajo had displayed her picture on BBM. I asked who the fine girl was and that I wanted her pin. She used me to do small shakara sha and I was on pending for a while till she finally accepted the request.

We chatted for almost a month before I realised I had never heard her voice so I decided to ask for her number. Even from chatting with her, I knew she was wife material... priceless for every yard. I met her when things were not so great but she didn’t mind; she kept surprising me over and over. 

For the past two years she has never failed to wake me up with a call. If she doesn't get through she would send a text message. Simply put she is amazing and I don’t regret choosing her to spend the rest of my life with me. It’s been a blessing to have her and I would do it again and again. I just cannot but thank God every time because He intervened using Lolade. Our first date was on the beach sometime in April, a few weeks later I asked her out properly and now we are here.


It all started a few days after my birthday in February, 2012, my friend Ololade had put up one of my birthday pictures as her Display Picture (DP) on BBM (of course it was a very hawt picture...LOL). I think she started getting too many pings because of the picture, few minutes later, she changed her personal message to " DP is not an invitation to chat"... very mean girl! Immediately I saw it, I decided to chat her up to ask who was disturbing her because of her DP and she laughed and said there is a particular guy whom she had totally forgotten was still on her BBM contact who was trying to start a conversation because of her DP. We just laughed over it and that was it!  

Little did I know there was someone else who didn’t make his intention known to Ololade that night. Few days later, I got a message from Ololade telling me that her brother would like to have my pin. I was confused because for the many years I have known her, I only know her to have a sister so I was wondering where the brother came from all of a sudden, then she told me how they have been friends for so long and how he has now become part of the family. 

I reluctantly asked her to give him my pin; next thing I saw was a BBM invite...that was fast! LOL. Of course, I did small shakara and left the request pending for about 3days before I finally accepted it after which a conversation started almost immediately...and that was it! We would chat everyday about almost everything and this went on for about one month. 

As at then, we had not even talked on phone, I remember one of those nights while we were chatting, he asked if  I could give him my phone number and my response was “I thought you would never ask” (of course I had wanted to hear his voice but was too proud to ask...LOL) He called later that night but the conversation didn’t last for too long, he was too shy to talk on phone. 

Like they say, the rest is history and like my friend and sister would say, "we started from who is this fine girl on your DP and now we are here" LOL!  We are happy that our dream is coming to reality in a few days and we are super thankful for the support we have received from family and friends.  

By the way, Ololade is giving the toast, though she's too shy to handle it but we don’t care! LOL!

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  1. Prince Olumide SoyemiSeptember 29, 2014 at 5:17 AM

    Nice.. I am so happy for you Guys... God Bless Your Union