Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Shonel & Teddy; My Knight in Shining Armor

There is something about the woman you will spend the rest of your life with that makes you stare the first time you see her. It could be your heart telling you "she is the one" or it could  be your head asking "is she the one?" In all these, one factor is certain, you will stare at her as though you have never seen a woman before in your entire life. So ladies, when you see a guy staring at you so hard and he is handsome and he looks like all you want in a man, just walk up to him and say "yes I am the one" (LOL). 
We celebrate Shonel and Teddy as they will be getting married on May 8 and 10, 2014; Shonel is a very pretty, Godly lady and I am excited she found her knight. They decided to share their story and pictures with our viewers all over the world. Enjoy...

How we met...

One beautiful morning in 2010, my mum sent me to make cash deposits at the bank. As I walked in, I noticed a guy on blue staring at me and I was wondering why he was staring so hard. The bank was crowded and I joined the queue. Some staff at the bank was not nice to me but the guy in blue came to my rescue (my knight in shining armor). He asked me to come upstairs when I was done with my transaction. I actually wanted to sneak out without seeing him but he came downstairs as I was leaving and we exchanged blackberry pins because I told him I could easily delete him if he pestered me, he told me he was not going to be a pest. We became friends afterwards although he was just a contact on my Blackberry but by 2013 we had become inseparable.

The Proposal

Sometime in January, my cousin (Tobi) visited. So on a Saturday, we went to the cinema and went for dinner at Homeville. While having dinner, Teddy’s very close friend Eseosa came to join us and he came with this new camera he just got from Dubai. We were just talking about the camera; I had no idea he was there for a purpose. I noticed Teddy was a bit uncomfortable. He went to the car park, came back and sat down. After a while, he got on his knee. I can’t remember exactly what he was saying because I was in shock (LOL). All I heard was "will you be my wife?" I was shocked and I just walked away till Eseosa came and directed me back to the table. (LOL).That was how he proposed and obviously it was a YES!


  1. Real life romantic movie...nice.

  2. Congrats to both of you. God Bless ur union with joy, love and all ur hearts desires and as many little ted and little shonel u want. Amen. Joi

  3. Hmmmm very lovely

  4. God bless ur union

  5. Hehehe sharp guy and beautiful soul and the God of strategic positioning. I wish you guys the very best.