Monday, March 31, 2014

I.D Cabasa Testifies!

I celebrate  our viewers from all over the world, thank you for your unrelenting support, we are almost 50,000 viewers from over 40 countries of the world! We couldn't have gone this far without you, may God make your dreams come true.

I bring you the testimony of Olumide Ogunade a.k.a I.D Cabasa.  Not only is he a multiple award winning artist, to me; he is one of the greatest producers in the world, he has produced for many of Nigeria's finest artistes. He is behind 9ice's best selling album Gongo Aso (even my mum knew the song) and many more big artistes like Olamide, Ruggedman and so on.

Behind all the hype and paparazzi is a man completely sold out to God, this interview is one of the deepest I ever conducted, Cabasa bared it all as he spoke about his music, why secular artistes are more successful that gospel artistes, his family and so on. Kindly read and share...

MTB: You are famous, the life of the party, 9ice, Olamide and many of the big artistes today attribute their success to you. It’s rare to see someone at the peak of his fame become a born again Christian. What made you give your life to Christ?
I.D Cabasa; I laughed out really loud from the first question because it sounded like I just gave my life to Christ.
I have been born again since 1999 and working with all the said secular artistes is just fulfilling the scripture of “Go ye into all the world” (Mark 16; 15) not back to the church to make disciples of men. 
I didn't become famous before Christianity rather it's Gods glory revealing itself through me.
Many Christians criticize us for producing or doing secular music but most of them work in secular organization! 
A banker once asked me this same question and I asked her if the bank she works in is a Gospel Bank! Christians need to stop being unnecessarily religious and start being Christ like! If a secular artiste walks into a studio and Jesus is behind the console, what will He do? Can you change what you are not involved in?

I produced great songs by His grace that passed the test of time but I was just a tool in the Master’s hands to show forth His glory which I try as much as possible not to take anytime I have the opportunity to climb any stage.
Beyond producing these people, ask them and they will tell you I also do a bit of mentoring and pastoring to a whole lot of them.
God has been faithful no scandal has been recorded to my name! I have a beautiful wife who does gospel music Sijuade Ogunade and two great kids and God has never stopped being faithful.

MTB: Is Music spiritual?

I.D Cabasa; Well I will say it’s a spiritual tool, only God and man are made up of the spirit. Music is just a means to an end into the spiritual.
Music itself helps our emotions to connect but the "WORD" is the real thing that helps our faith; i.e what we believe in.

I am privileged to lead a team of worshippers in my church Global Impact Church 
where emphasis is placed on the heart of worship more than the art of worship though the art and act too are very important but giving God His due worth is the essence of why we worth-ship.
Man sang before he spoke (crying can be traced tonally) 

MTB: Why are gospel artistes not as successful as the secular ones?

I.D Cabasa; I will have to write a book to answer this but I will give little insight into some findings which I stand to be corrected on.
The church still has great music but it's like feeding an over fed baby, take your music to outside the church and be real with people; not your unnecessary religious perceptions but sing songs that the people can relate with.

Packaging/perception is important, even Prophet Samuel in the bible fell for perception (I Samuel 16; 6) which is stronger than reality, we know you are anointed but please dress well, ensure your image is alluring to people and handle your act professionally.
Many churches are starving gospel artistes all in the name of honorarium; the ‘honor’ is gone from it just the ‘rarium’ remaining.
I read 1 Corinthians 9; 13-14 and it's so shocking that the scripture feels the pain of church musicians.
Being a gospel artist is not meant to be a limitation but an edge. Unfortunately, Christians’ expectation is what is making many guys to live below their full potential because the stage they perform/minister is defined! 
What is wrong with going on the same stage with secular artistes and singing your own song? Ironically, we live in the same secular world and work therein.
God is faithful; if we believe and can break this wall called religion and take the message to the people it's meant for rather than trying to woo other Christians!

MTB: Most artistes started from the church, why do artistes leave the church for secular music?

I.D Cabasa; Gather five Christian ladies around you and ask them who they would first inform if they got pregnant before marriage; their pastor or their secular friend? People trust the secular system more because of the reward system and they accept them just the way they are but ironically that is what grace is about!
 Grace is what the church teaches and that is what the secular practice on the flip side.  Many of those who cross to secular music do so because of money and fame not knowing that the greatest motivator should be being a blessing to mankind and forgetting that God is the judge and the only one who can promote.
Not knowing who you are or a lack of identity will make a gospel artiste settle less for ‘vulgar’ music. I used the word ‘vulgar’ because there's nothing wrong with secular music but everything is wrong with vulgar songs.

The church needs to also appreciate their own and encourage them when they come to minister, I understand we might not be number one on your priority list but always remember that people remember the four minutes track of an artiste than an hour of sermon, so
pay the musician/instrumentalist well and they will stay 
but make sure you also make good Christians out of them, care for them and love them genuinely.
I stayed back in the church despite the fact that I don't get paid any salary because I see genuine care and love all around me.

MTB: What's new with your music?

I.D Cabasa; Presently, I am working on some projects of new artistes signed on to Coded Tunes. I am also setting up a new label in my church; 
Impact Music.
I still do my day to day artiste production and song writing.

MTB: You were recently ordained a pastor, how does that influence your music? Do you still produce beats for secular artists?

I.D Cabasa; Pastoring is a role I have been playing before now so nothing really changed only more responsibilities added. I am a musician by calling and I produce 
music! Now I am more conscious of every lyric that goes on my beat but without any form of discrimination of whether its gospel or secular all I do is music!


MTB: How did you meet your wife?

I.D Cabasa; I met my wife in a church I attended way back; Akoka Baptist church, we were friends for a long time before I asked her out and we are still best of friends till now! I think she's the best woman that's meant for me and she's very beautiful.

MTB: What advice do you have for the unmarried?

I.D Cabasa; The unmarried should marry not because it's the next thing to do but because it's the right thing to do, marry with the right motive and for the right reason, not just for sexual fulfillment  or because people are telling you time is going. 
Also know that marriage requires God’s wisdom and direction and loads of maturity.

MTB; Thank you for your time sir


  1. Just remember this:
    When you're working for the people that are working against the kingdom
    You ain't taking it back by force, you're making matters worse
    And don't try to get off by saying I ain't the star
    Its like saying i didn't rob the bank man, I only drove the car

  2. Its my opinion sir that you cannot be relevant without being in charge, ID Cabasa is in charge and he can influence how music is played and written in Nigeria