Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Celebrating the Life and Times of Archbishop Benson Idahosa 16 years after

We celebrate the life and times of a living legend. Yes! He lives on through his books and sermons which are still the most sought after, he lives on through the various missions, hospitals and the Benson Idahosa University, he lives on in the heart of young Christians like myself who are learning from the life of Papa.

 I was thinking of what I could do to honour this great man of God and I decided to contact Bishop F.E.B Idahosa and he sent this poem to me, it really does encapsulate and celebrate the life and times of the Archbishop.


                                                             The man named Benson

Life with it twists and turns,
Indifferent about who gets hurts,
Doesn't listen even to the cry of a seemingly helpless baby,
Yet can hold a great destiny for those that may have been rejected, and left for dead

His mission began from a tender age, 

Living among relatives,
Deprived of basic necessities,
But always used his initiative,
Knowing that nothing changes,
sitting idle,doing nothing,

By another twist at near death experience, 
He encountered life,
That life,
turned Africa and indeed the world with the gospel of faith,
Acclaimed to have preached to more black than any white, and more whites than any black,
Held the crusade of the century,
his mission could not be deterred,
With evangelism, the supreme task.

He helped us understand what Christ really meant when he said begin from Jerusalem, then Judah, Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world,
So he rightly began from his home city,
The ever popular black cradle of civilization,
Notorious for ills, witchcraft, and occult practices,
Soon became the city for Jesus,
Bringing the dead back to life literally and in all other areas,
Indeed a man on a mission,
The world had come to know.

As a wise farmer who gathers his harvest,
He could comprehend that winning the world and losing family in the process was too big collateral damage to incur,
He set the trend and carved a path for his family to walk, like he walked,
Receiving same commendation as Abraham, 
“I know he will command his house after me”,
his family mission field was never neglected.

When mission’s week is celebrated,
Its more than a man's life that was documented and being brought to remembrance,
But a deep sober reflection,
How are we handling our own mission field?

Have we gone into all the world beginning from our homes, streets, schools and offices, 
Or are we seeking global attention, 

When we lack no local commendation.

This man single handedly put the city of Benin again on the world map,
his name is a global brand, an icon for faith, as names like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, TL Osborn, you will mention his; Idahosa 
Little wonder his first son was named faith.

His mission didn't end march 12th,
It only translated into a legacy,
Showing us there is no room for complacency,
as we never get life's quit notice,
of when our time on earth is due.

Some take pride in knowing this man personally,
But if you truly embark on your mission like he did,
others will take pride in knowing you personally,
Your mission is simply what God has called you to do,
This man did his, 
and we are celebrating today,
What are you doing that generations will celebrate tomorrow?

The harvest is out there,
The mission field is not in the church,
Quit playing church and be about your mission,
You still have time.

You can do much with the little you have, your widows mite could really be mighty
Could be a little more specific like,
give that smile, that hug, that helping hand, that listening ear, saying Jesus loves you to your family, friends, and colleagues,
Inspire the next generation with the gospel,
You may not be a dead raiser,
But with your support, encouragement and words of affirmation,
destinies you can help raise.

You don't have to be really wealthy to help another,
You just have to be ready,
To be used as a vessel,
Cos God loaded you with treasure in earthen vessel.

Remember your mission is unique to you,
Forget your neighbors field,
Focus on yours and look forward to its yield,
obeying as the spirit leads,
The scripture says my people perish for lack of knowledge,
Missions will go unaccomplished for lack of people.

You are the one,
This is the time,
Its never too late to be about your mission,
Cos in truth, its Gods mission.
Do something, 
Dare to believe.
You have been commissioned and empowered
Be about the mission,
No excuses,
Excuses are only good reasons for a bad result,
Make an impact, 
Through your mission,
no excuses.

Osagie Alex

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