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Toyin and Wale Forever! Pre-wedding pictures

My Story - Adewale

"...believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe in His prophets and you shall prosper (2 Chronicles 23;20).

On January 1, 2013, Dr. Mike Murdock said to me via Twitter, he said, "Son, in 2013, you will build 12 significant relationships". It did not make sense to me but I believed the prophet of the Lord and on January 7, 2013, I met this beautiful Proverbs 31 woman on Facebook, you may be surprised but I tell you that God talks through the social media; the biggest blessings of my life last year happened through Blackberry, Twitter and Facebook. I discovered that we both attended Bowen University and we were both from Ekiti State (South-west Nigeria). We became instant friends and although we had some challenges at the beginning because of the distance, God confirmed through various signs that she was indeed the woman for me, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. I wonder how I have been living without her. She's my babe, lover, best friend, little mummy, advisor, barber (she shaves my beards), my queen, prayer partner, runway model and many more; I love her to pieces. 

We had our registry on December 5, 2013 so she's officially my wife, the traditional and white wedding is going down on February 15 by God's grace, we thought to share our pre- wedding pictures and also share the profile of our grooms men and brides maids. We cannot get married without these wonderful people being a part of the day. Enjoy...

My Story - Oluwatoyin

One fateful day on January 7,2013 was the day my life changed forever. It was during my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and I was browsing through Facebook when I saw the picture of this cute guy; he was my friend on Facebook and we had mutual friends but it was my first time of seeing him so I sent him a hello*wink* and he replied.  Soon he asked for my number and I gave it to him then he called few days later and I asked him to call back because I was sleeping *wink*. He called back and we started talking; then he got my Blackberry pin and we started dating a month later.

We had a lot of ups and downs but that stopped when I told him I would be visiting Lola and Wumi (2 of my bridesmaids) who were serving in Benin *wink*. We got well acquainted with each other and he proposed to me a day after my NYSC.

I am so happy I found my husband; he is a real man. My prayer is that God should keep on doing his work in our lives. Love you my king.


Muyiwa Aladejana A.K.A Muyo/ Baba Eto
Works at Sahara Group, Business Development Unit
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
Muyo is my younger brother, the dude is fiiiine, ladies love him die, he's SMART, he made his first millions (yes with an "s") at 24 and he has class and style; muyo's wardrobe is to die for! He has a wonderful heart and I am terribly proud of him. He is my best man, love you brov.

Bayo Aladejana
B.Sc Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna
Regional Project Manager, Huawei
Bayo is my cousin and my brother, he's the nicest guy on the face of the earth. He's such a gentleman and very cool. Nothing alarms Bayo, he takes everything in stride. This dude has a way with cars, am proud of you brov.

Ayo Aladejana A.K.A Ayus
Works at Standard Chartered Bank - Personal Financial Consultant
B.Sc Economics OAU
M.Sc Business Analysis and Consulting, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Ayo is my cousin, very cool dude, classy and stylish (All Aladejanas have class and style). He likes to be the tough guy but fact is he is a nice guy. He has BRAINS! its not surprising considering the fact that his dad and mum are professors; Professor and Professor Mrs Aladejana; he inherited from both sides. I will love to raid Ayo's wardrobe, he's got the Guccis ,the Louis Vuittons, the Hermes, just name it. Love you brov.

Kehinde Adeogun A.K.A Kendu
Customs Officer
B.Sc Political Science, Benson Idahosa University
Kendu is a brother, we grew up together. Kehinde is like a prophet; whenever you want to hear the painful bitter truth, ask Kendu for advice and most times he is never wrong. He is a tough guy, don't mess with this dude but he also has a heart of gold. Man of class and style. Gbayi blood mi!

Prince Dotun Tejuoso a.k.a Dtej
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
M.Sc Global Management, Uclan Preston U.K
Dtej is my blood and homie, we go  way back in Bowen University, he is one of the coolest, most diplomatic guys I have ever met, Dotun knows the right things to say to everyone; very smart, ladies man, very well dressed. He has been there for me on so many occasions. Love you brov.

Femi Elegbede
Operations Manager, Abimbol Agro Allied
B.Agric Agricultural Economics, Bowen University
M.Sc Management, University of Glamorgan, Wales UK
Femi is blood, it doesnt matter if we don't see for five years, nothing changes, he's still my homie. Trust Femi to tell you the painful truths about yourself, this dude is sharp, he should be a psychologist because he knows human nature. Femi has predicted many of my relationships He told me back then that my wife was the right babe even before meeting her. I admire this dude and I know this is the first time he's hearing it (he's gonna smile for a week when he reads this). Love you brov.

Damilare Adewole A.K.A Dboi
B.Sc Agricultural Science, Babcock University
M.Sc International Business, Wolverhampton University
My blood, fellow debonair gentleman, suave dude, good and faithful brother. Dboi has a sense of style that stands him out everywhere, he's been there for me so many times. He has a self depreciating sense of humor you cant be bored around this dude, he's the kind of person you just start smiling and the world shines brighter when he's around. Love you brov.

Jubril Oketaolegun
Assistant Office Manager, Baltimore Tax and Financials
B.Sc Computer Science, Bowen University
Jubril is my blood brother, he's one of the nicest and most honest guys I know. Very unassuming gentleman; your money is safe with Jubril, he won't rip you off, he's a very trustworthy dude and that's rare in the world today. Its an honor to know this homie. Love you brov.

Siji Adesesan A.K.A S.J/ Papalolo
works at Heritage Bank
B.A, Mass Communications, Bowen University
M.Sc Human Resources, Leicester University
S.J is the life of the party, there's never a dull moment with this dude, we also go way back, he's been a good brother and a friend. He knows what friendship is all about, he is the kind of guy who sticks with you no matter what, he's a shrewd businessman and he has bragging rights to show for it. Love you brov.

Elias Alao
L.L.B at BPP Law School. Waterloo Campus, London
Gentle, soft,spoken, billionaire taste and a brother that can do ANYTHING for you;that's Elias. We are childhood friends and we lost touch for a while but I am glad we reconnected. Elias loves wristwatches (I have a plan to raid his closet) and he has CLASS, if Elias is rocking it, trust me its not cheap! 
He also has a heart of gold; I needed to get my wedding shoes to Nigeria, the carrier was leaving very shortly and Elias just had a surgery, he pulled himself together and located the person but in the process, his stitches opened up. I don't know many people like him. Love you brov.

Yomi Gbadegesin
C.E.O YG Apparel
B.Sc Business Administration, Bowen University
If you are talking of class and vision, Yomi has it! Yomi was already making big money when we were still thinking of what we wanted to do with our lives. Gentle and unassuming with a laugh that's contagious, Yomi is a blood brother, we vibrate at the same frequency. I got so much love and respect for this dude.

Lanre Fatai
Chartered Economist, Business Development, Skye Bank
B.A Accounting Bowen University
Lanre is a gentleman and a brother, we go way back, he treats everyone with so much respect, he is a very humble dude but this brother is large, everything he does is big time. If its gadgets; whatever is new in the market, trust me Lanre has it. He also knows the value of friends, its an honor to be a friend to this dude. Gbayi! Much love brov.


Sunbo Jegede
Business Administration, Lagos State University
Sunbo my younger sister, people say we are lookalikes except that she's a chubbier version (I try to stay a size 8 *wink*).  She's my closest sister and she's so sweet. She's my Maid of Honor. Mwah!

Lizzy Efeurhie
B.Sc International Relations, Benson Idahosa University
I met Lizzy during NYSC, she's my twin sister; such a sweetheart and fun being with it. She's the kind of friend I miss when she's not around but we argue when she's around. She always has a smile on her face. Love you sweetheart.

Wumi Adeoti
B.A Mass Communication, Bowen University
Wumi is such a lovely person and very reserved. We met in 100 level while at Bowen University. She's so kind, more of like a big sister, you can trust her to always give you good advice. Love you girl.

Lola Bello
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
Lola is my small mummy, she treats me like her daughter. She's so accommodating, I stayed in her house when I came to see my husband for the first time. She's a confidante and very supportive. Love you darling.

Oluwatope Rasaq
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
Tope is my blood, we go way back, her parents are my parents, her house is my house. She's so sweet and kind, you can tell her anything. She's really understanding, love you so much and can't wait to see you.

Folami Teniola
B.Sc Microbiology, Bowen University
Teni is like a big sister to me, she's so lovely and calm. She's such a sweet person to be around. Love you darling. Mwah!

Oyin Popoola
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
Oyin is very gentle and calm, she also loves to have a good time. I became her friend because of how she carries herself. She really helped me to study in school, we were reading mates. Love you girl.

Vickie Akujobi
Make up artist
B.Sc Sociology, Bowen University
Vickie is my advisor and my mummy, we were room mates at Bowen University. She's a very strong woman and I have learnt a lot from her. I am inspired by her success story in the make up business, she will also be in charge of my make up on my wedding day. Love you sweets, mwah!

Sarah Brown-West
B.Sc Agricultural Science, Bowen University
We have been friends for a while now. Sarah is such a nice person with a lot of style. This babe knows how to steal the show. I am glad I have a wonderful friend like her. Love you sweets.

Onyinye Mbegbu
B.Sc Accounting, Covenant University
We were both at the Redeemed Christian Corper's Fellowship lodge during NYSC in Benue State. Onyinye has been my good friend and coach, my sweetheart and a disciplinarian; you dare not throw things anywhere when Onyinye is She has a way with languages; she used to teach me French and Queen's English. Mon cheri l'amour.

Adeworan Tomisin 
B.Sc Mass Communications, Bowen University
Tomisin is a sister; my very clingy sweetheart, she's so caring and nice. Her house is also my house. She's one of those people you just love having around you. Love you baby.

The Photographer
I have never met a man like Ohis Muyiwa Ojeikere, he is the most passionate man I know; the guy loves the camera, we had our photo-shoot for over four hours and this dude was not tired. He is a professional to the core, we felt like we were casting a movie scene when he showed up with all the gadgets, I have a lot of respect for you brov, I celebrate you. You can contact Ohis on 08065774162, email ; ; BB Pin; 7C022132.


  1. solovely... God bless ur union wale

  2. I never got to know WALE until April 2, 2012. We has since grown to be more than friends and brothers.l have know him to be a social catalyst and motivator; l know that WALE & TOYIN will be a superb fusion. Congrats W.Jana, Best wishes.

  3. Just like a dream, it appeared; and like lightening, it struck. Wishing you gifts from heavenly bounty. congrats

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