Monday, December 9, 2013

D.J Gosporella Testifies!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologise for not posting in a while, my blog had demons preventing me from posting ...LOL! and I just cast them out in the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is indeed a teacher, I asked Him what to do and He gave me a solution to a problem I had been trying to solve for over 2 months! Thank You Jesus.
I bring you the testimony of D.J Gosporella, he is the pioneer strictly gospel music Disc Jockey in Nigeria today; a professional gospel DJ with over 20 years’ experience, he D.Js at Christian events, weddings, birthdays and corporate events and he also anchors gospel zone on The Beat 99.9 FM every Sunday between 7-11 am. 

Enjoy... How did you become born again?

D.J Gosporella: I became born again while in tribulation. I had need of money to execute a contract and I didn't have it. The person I met for a loan didn't have but offered me Christ instead and he said "if you accept Christ now, by tomorrow morning, your money problem will be solved". I did and the issue was solved by the next day. That was 20 years ago. : Why are secular artists more successful than gospel artists?

D.J Gosporella: That is a relevant question. It depends on the artistes involved, what their definition of success is and what the purpose is. I disagree with that notion completely. : You were a DJ in the club for 17 years, did you feel it was God preparing you for His Kingdom?

D.J Gosporella: Yes! Because that's what God told me when He called me; He said.    “I have prepared you long enough; I need you to go do this same thing in my house". That was in 2000 but I didn't agree to start till 2003. That was 10 years ago. :What do you think music ministers need to know?

D.J Gosporella: The music minister must not be someone sent but someone called. The called are the ones who heard the master's voice and obeyed. They are the ones who say even if I perish, I perish but I will not let go of this vision that the Lord gave me. Guess what? They are the ones that get blessed and succeed; but the sent are the ones who saw, smelled or heard about the success of the called out ones and dive into ministry through their senses. They are the ones who can't stand the tribulations of ministry and back slide. Their latter end is always worse than the former. God is not a man that can be lied to. The wheat is always separated from the chaff at the end. 

Another thing is that God is a God of excellence; as His minister, excellence must be your watch word and don't "beef". The stage is big enough to contain everybody. :What are the challenges of being in showbiz as a Christian?

D.J Gosporella: The challenge as a Christian in showbiz has been that of misconception. Lots of Christians still don't understand what gospel music and gospel music djaying entails. Most Christians still revert to secular music during their weddings and birthday or corporate parties. Their excuse is none existent because they have refused to explore; Gospel music today has assumed another format as it should. Its rhythm can compete favorably with any other genre. In our music library is Gospel music that can put people on the dance floor endlessly. I give a dose of our dexterity every Sunday morning on Gospel Zone with D.J Gosporella on Beat 99.9FM, Lagos from 7am to 11am. Hook up and listen. 

Another challenge is under payment for services. With our D.J experience spanning over 25 years and acclaim as Nigeria's premier and Africa's finest gospel music D.J, you would expect that clients would be willing to pay well but the opposite is the case. Some come outright to quote scriptures to cover up but our response has and always is "a workman is worth his wages" and "muzzle not the ox that threads the field". Though our work is ministry, its also our business. We have responsibilities like everyone else and, we can't beg. So help me God. : What advice do you have for upcoming gospel music D.Js?

D.J Gosporella: My advice to people who want to become gospel music D.Js is to ensure that they are called into that department of ministry, they should be prepared to be mentored and to package right i.e get their swag(purpose) right and tight.

I like to thank God for the confidence in me as a worthy vessel to use to break this new ground of ministry, my fans without whom I would be like a cock without its crown, my supporters and those clients who will not have a party without D.J Gosporella. God bless and replenish you all.; Thank you for your time

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