Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

It took me a while to pay  tribute to this great man because I was meditating on what his 95 years on the earth meant personally to me. I have been able to sum up the life of Madiba in two words, Faith and Patience. He believed to the uttermost that his change would come and he waited for it. During the years of negotiation, Mandela and his party were offered many deals but they would not settle for less. I have learnt to believe that I can have exactly what I want if I believe it to the point of death and I do not settle for less.

I have learnt to believe that I can win the war against evil in my life, in government, in the workplace, in the society by persevering; no matter what the challenges are. Madiba and the ANC were a minority; propaganda labelled them as terrorists, their voice were being stifled by intimidation and oppression yet they pressed ahead, I have learnt to fight with what I have, where I am, tenaciously; without a doubt that if I believe and wait for it, my change, my freedom, my deliverance will come.

Thank you for giving your life for Africa and the world, we will never see a man like Nelson Mandela in our lifetime, let us hold on to his words and learn from his actions. I am going back to read his biography, "Long Walk to Freedom". I believe dead men live on through their books. It is my prayer that we all catch the revolutionary spirit of this great warrior and begin to fight for freedom in our individual spaces.

We can be totally free and we can be totally happy and celebrated but we must believe and wait for our change to come.

Adieu Madiba the Greatest!

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