Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Making of Dr. Mike Murdock's Interview

YAAAAAAAAYYYY! I can't hide my excitement, I got to interview my most trusted voice on the earth, Dr. Mike Murdock, he is my mentor and a father. From the first day I watched him on Trinity Broadcasting Network three years ago, my life has never been the same. For every significant season of my life, God has sent me a Mike Murdock book or video. Recently he prophesied over my life and I am seeing results already! The idea for this blog came after I watched one of his videos titled ' What To Do While Waiting' look for it on Youtube. I am releasing the pictures and then I will follow up with the interview proper shortly.
L-RThe World Class Team; Luis, Moi, Pastor Joshua and Pastor Ron

with Dr.Mike Murdock

with Rev. Humphrey Areghan of CGMI Perspective TV

Dr. Mike Murdock and Rev. Humphrey Areghan
One of the days when I had to stalk Dr. Mike lool, he just finished preaching and he was soaked in sweat but I was desperate lool
I had some ideas for him...
Now I had his attention, lool, he said 'it' was a good one, am not telling! lool..
CGMI perspective
Men of God
With Pastor Josh Gonzalez, he's single ladies...lool


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  3. Interview? Where?

    1. I will post in a bit, I chose to upload the pictures first, I explained on the writeup. Stay tuned

  4. Nice...You will go places in jesus name...Amen