Monday, June 24, 2013

Dr. Mike Murdock Testifies

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want to give God the glory and thank you for being so supportive, in five months, we have an audience of over 16,000 in at least 30 countries of the world. I don't know any other blog with this kind of record. I also want to thank Bishop F.E.B Idahosa and Rev. Areghan of Church of God Mission International for making this interview possible, thank you so much, I celebrate you.

I finally bring you the exclusive interview with Dr. Mike Murdock, author of 340 books, composer of 5800 songs, He is the Senior Pastor of the Wisdom Centre, Forthworth, Texas USA. He is a man of God whom God has blessed with uncommon wisdom, this blog was a result of listening to one of his teachings, his books, songs and sermons can usher you into the presence of God and you will begin to bring forth ideas that will change your life forever, God once gave him an idea that brought him enough money to buy three private jets! He is a blessed man and his passion is to see other people blessed.  Read this interview prayerfully, your life will never be the same. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of God is saying. Excerpts; : How did you meet Archbishop Benson Idahosa?
Dr. Mike Murdock: I was 33 years old and I was special guest every month on a real famous well known television programme and I will never forget the first time I saw them, I felt they were the best looking couple I had ever seen in my life and Archbishop Margaret was so beautiful and the fire that was in Archbishop Benson was just amazing.  I went every month to go on television with Oral Roberts and Jim Baker and PTL that’s where I got started, now Archbishop Margaret is family, she’s 70, I am 67, so she’s 3 years older than me, that’s how many years we have known, we have had many conferences and meals together and of course, they are loved in America, they are loved all over by the greatest preachers of The Word. They have inspired us so it’s a privilege to be here. : You recently turned 67, what were your most dominant thoughts on your 67th birthday?

Dr. Mike Murdock: It was the happiest birthday I ever had and it was in Abuja, I was supposed to fly back to America for a big party at The Wisdom Center but I was so stirred to stay  and I went on to South Africa but all the preachers had me a big birthday party. By far, it was the best I ever had. 

My thoughts were very sober because 67 for some reason hit my mind.
My greatest thoughts was that if there was going to be any changes I had to make, I could not wait for somebody else to make changes for me , whatever I wanted my life to be, I must take initiative. I actually have a great persuasion that waiting is a satanic principle, there are things we may have to delay but it’s not waiting, its preparation.  I actually believe that most of the waiting, like waiting for God to do this and that is not scriptural, God is a God of movement, He is a God of decisions, Jesus instructed us A.S.K; Ask, Seek and Knock. You won’t have anything you don’t pursue; you get the leftovers of what others don’t want.  Those were my strongest thoughts on my 67th birthday.  

Rev Areghan and I

 Who am I going to train? Who am I going to teach?  What do I want my life to be like? How will I assess success?  What is my definition of success?  There was a time when my definition of success was to have open doors where I could go preach and now my idea of success is how I can stay home and write my books, so your definition of success will continuously change and that was my thought as I sat there.
As they were all singing and blessing me, I thought about what I would want to experience in my life? I have been everywhere, kind of done everything. I couldn’t tell you one thing that I had not experienced that I want to experience and so I began to think, ‘What can I do?’ because I am ready to go, if Jesus was to come now, I am ready to go but meanwhile what is on His (God) mind, that’s what struck my mind. 

Dr. Mike Murdock and Rev. Areghan What is the distinction between wisdom and faith and how can we apply them?
Dr. Mike Murdock: Everything begins with a definition; wisdom is the ability to recognise difference. Difference in right and wrong, difference in an environment, difference in my assignment from your assignment, difference in opportunity. Faith is confidence in God and faith is believing that you can have what God says you can have.  Wisdom is knowing what God says you can have. ; What is prosperity, wealth and riches and how can we manage them and yet be good children of God?
Dr. Mike Murdock: We know that God promises wealth and prosperity as the fruit of obedience.  Psalms 112 says a man that loves the commandments of God will have wealth and riches in his house. So we know that  prosperity is not the fruit of God’s love for us,  we can love God and be broke, we can love God and be poor  but we know that prosperity is the proof of following divine laws not God’s love, God’s laws.  Prosperity is having enough money to complete God’s instructions for our lives; to me prosperity is having enough money to complete the divine assignment in my life, that’s prosperity.  I am a prosperous man; I won’t call myself a wealthy man.  I feel like wealth begins at about $50 million that’s where I think wealth begins.  Some people think wealth is being a millionaire; I don’t, so it’s according to what your assignment is.  So it’s according to your goals, it doesn’t take a lot of money to live on the earth. We wear clothes for years, I have had these shoes for years, it doesn’t take a lot of money to eat, I had some oatmeal and an egg this morning, it doesn’t take a lot.
 I want to say this to you there at your home, you can’t learn from someone you resent, you really can’t learn from someone you resent. I have written 340 books, I invested 19 years writing one book called Secrets of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived; I put it on my website as a free gift, its only $15 but it’s free to anyone in Nigeria because I believe there are basic principles about wealth. If you can learn from someone, you can produce what they produce. If I can learn from a billionaire, I can obtain what he obtained, if I can learn from a preacher, a man of God, I can do what they do , if I can learn from them. Hosea 4; 6; My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,  it’s not lack of desire that keeps me poor, its lack of knowledge, it’s not lack of love or lack of spirituality, its lack of knowledge. You may be saying   ‘Mike what do you mean?’ I want to say this today on this programme that if you get this, you will change your world, you will change your life in 24 hours.  The most powerful thing you will do in the next 24 hours is ask questions.  The most powerful thing I do every day of my life is ask questions; not pray though I pray, not read the bible though I read the bible every 30 days through. The most important thing I do in my life is ask questions like who is willing to teach me?  Do I have enough passion to pay someone to teach me?  What should I be learning?  What should I change that I am doing? Who should I be training every day to do different tasks?  What are the tasks I should stop doing?  Who are the top three people in my life who showed me honor?  To whom have I been sent? Who is willing to believe me?  I don’t want to spend one minute of my life with someone who doesn’t believe what I say. I am 67, when I was 27, I would talk to anybody and everybody who would listen to me, at 67, I only want to talk to someone who believes me. 

The World Class Team L-R Luis Molina, Adewale Aladejana, Pastor Josh Gonzalez and Pastor Ron ; Thank you very much for your time sir


  1. You got the best... when you interviewed Dr. Mike Murdock! His 47 Years of Success In Ministry bring much glory of God. And we know he does not slow down. In fact, he relentlessly and unashamedly encourages everyone to "Keep It Moving!"

    Thank you, to both of you for being such a blessing.

  2. Thanks so much Aunty Lou, I celebrate you

  3. I am proud to call this man my mentor and my pastor. He is a man publishing and proclaiming what he lives every single day! A great man of God, so honored to sit under his teachings....

  4. That makes two of us Aunty Rachel, it is one of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

  5. Awesome teacher, preacher, mentor, Man of God, songwriter, writer, publisher, editor, so gifted.

  6. I very much enjoyed reading that and learnt alot more, it is only doing gods will for our life that we are blessed then and make a difference in the world by eg just helping others, saving souls and missions etc.Just a simple smile at someone could change their bad day to feeling better, it costs nothing but achieves much.

  7. You know, sometimes you want to buy something online and you can't just because you are in Nigeria. I was so touched and blessed to see that I can get the book "Secrets of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived" free if I am in Nigeria! I almost want to cry! Please how do I get this book?

  8. Thank you so much Jim. Fifi, I apologise for replying late. There is a link on the interview you can click on or you can visit. God bless

  9. I was blessed with that interview. God bless you sir.

  10. Whitestone,LLC. Dr. Murdock has been effective in helping me to overcome barriers in my relationship with God, which in essence affects others. God has him address topics that most Christians ovetsight whether in home settings or within most Churches. Wisdom is the principle. Although I have a Church home, I was able to improve my results toward stewardship within the ministry by taking his protege and leadership classes. Basically, Dr. Murdock was the answer to MY prayer(specific) to God. So specific I am persuaded that the Lord hears us and with us and loves us. God Bless.SGrant