Monday, August 11, 2014

Bunmi and Kayode - Love is divine

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Holy Spirit can hook you up! It doesnt have to be trial and error and you don't have to spend two years dating before you know who the person is. 
Crown Amos is a dear friend and a Man of God, he loves God with all his heart and I am delighted he found a Daughter of Zion who vibrates on the same frequency. The voice of the Holy Spirit is crucial in locating you with the right woman/man, it will save you  a lifetime of pain.We celebrate you Olubunmi and Amos. Enjoy their story...

Kayode’s Story

It was a happy day, the day I met Olubunmi. We became friends through a business contact who was my course mate during my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree programme. I wanted to buy a car then but for some reasons I didn’t eventually buy the car through her but we continued to be friends.
As a matter of principle, since May 2008, I wait on God once in a month for my family, especially for my wife-to-be. In 2008, God gave me some instructions and directions on how to identify my wife.
I took Olubunmi to the airport on August 2, 2013; she was travelling to Ibadan. We got to the airport around 11.45am while her flight was scheduled for 2.00pm so we engaged in some intimate discussions and unknown to her; she kept quoting the scriptures from which the Lord had instructed me in 2008. I got so curious that I asked her to pray about me. I kept speaking in tongues for almost an hour after her departure. After some hours of prayer, the Holy Spirit confirmed to me, “She is the ONE.”  Thereafter I expressed my intention to her and she agreed to date me.
On the 9th of September, 2013, I asked for her hand in marriage officially and she said ‘Yes’ and on the 29th of same month I gave her an engagement ring to seal my proposal. I love her because of her love for God, her care for the less privileged and the fact that our long term life goals are the same.
Olubunmi Mary is now my best friend, my lover, my companion and helper in destiny. I cherish her care, tender smile and her ability to encourage me to pursue my vision in the face of seemingly serious challenges. May the Lord go with us in this glorious journey of destiny.

Olubunmi's Story

I met Crown Amos in March 2013. He wanted to buy a car through a Doctor friend who introduced him to me via Blackberry. I showed him series of cars but he couldn’t settle for any. In May 2013, he told me he had gotten one but we could still do business some other time. I deleted his contact off my blackberry. I wasn’t in any relationship at this period because I just needed time to seek God’s face and direction.
During my birthday in June 2013,  my mum  begin to ask questions about my relationship; who I was dating and if I wasn’t interested in getting married.  I replied in faith that she would see the person soon. Her questions weakened me. I thereafter made up my mind to get more engaged in God’s work in church, helping the less privileged and not missing any programs in church.

 After a Sunday service in July 2013, the Holy Spirit instructed me to add back all the contacts I had deleted from my BBM and sincerely it was only Crown Amos’ pin I deleted. Some days after I added the pin, he sent a message that he would like to change his car. He asked if I was still in Abuja because all the while we never saw each other.

 I gave him my contact and he came to my office on 31stJuly 2013, we discussed strictly business although he mentioned in the conversation that he was an economist.  The moment he stood up and left, I heard a voice that said “that is your husband but I fought with my Spirit; I wanted an Engineer not an Economist. God’s way is different from ours; I became ill two days after the Holy Spirit spoke to me. To my amazement he was the only one that showed up to support me.

He took me to the airport on 2nd August 2013. We got talking and I was saying some things which I couldn’t even remember because of my state of health at the time but to his surprise, he said I was reading his diary for him;  he was shocked!
 The next thing I heard was ‘are you in a relationship?’ I said I wasn’t so he asked me to pray about him when I get home. As I got at the Ibadan Airport, he was the first person to call me. I became fascinated simply because of the care. HMMM!  Although I was ill, I  agreed to his proposal the third day after I got to home and I noticed I was healed!

That was when I knew I wasn’t in control of the relationship with Crown Amos but God. He didn’t buy the car again but got a wife for himself (LOL). On September 9, 2013 he asked me to marry him and on September 29, he went on his knees and asked me to marry him after meeting my parents on getting to Ibadan to meet my parents. I said YES!   I don’t know who else I could marry if not my Crown Amos. Thereafter he wore the ring on my finger.

My Crown Amos is God fearing, hardworking, my dream and vision supporter, he is loving and caring. He is my best friend, lover, my prince, my brother and now MY HUSBAND.


  1. May God exceedingly bless this union.
    Wish you all the Bliss that true love can bring.
    You are Blessed cos each of you has found a good thing and obtained the favour of God
    ...From Chima Benjamin

  2. God Bless Your family.And may the favour of the Lord be upon You Forever.Amen

  3. God bless your union,I wish you a successful wedding ceremony,Welcome to the club !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations to the latest couples, but your love story is very similar to a typical Nigeria home video scene.