Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mayowa and Tiwa; Love Always Finds A Way

We are so excited to be sharing the love story and pictures of Mayowa and Tiwa; they are also the first couple to share their pre-wedding and wedding pictures with us exclusively. Their love story proves that persistence pays, I also want to congratulate Tiwa; he is such a classy gentleman and he definitely knew what he wanted, his heart had locked on Mayowa and there was no turning back till she had his last name. 
Tiwa is the Creative Director of Capture Infinito, his crew captured the timeless moments.  Enjoy their beautiful story...

How we met



My friend and I were standing in front of our hall of residence at the Queen Idia Hall, University of Ibadan when this guy pulled over and offered us a lift. When he dropped us, he asked for my number and I gave him my sister's number because I did not want any guy on my case. For the next 3 months, he was talking to my sister constantly on the phone thinking he was actually talking to me and we would laugh about it. He even invited my sister for his office dinner and he still did not know he was not talking to me. My blunder which turned out to be my good fortune was that I told him I was in final year, yet after I had graduated, he still saw my sister in the school premises, that was when the bubble burst (LOL). My sister had no choice than to tell him he had been talking to the wrong person for over three months! He then got my number and we started talking, he proposed to me on September 17, 2013 and here we are today, happily married.


I was driving home after seeing a friend at the University of Ibadan when I saw this stunning beauty, I marched on my brakes and pulled over, all I knew was I had to talk to this babe, even if she was going to Abuja at that moment, I would have driven her there. When she spoke, her voice was music to my ears and it was at that point I knew I could listen to this voice forever. She was going along my route and I dropped her off then of course I asked for her number and she gave me. I smiled all the way home. Sometime later, I invited her for my office dinner but she looked sort of different, I could not tell what it was. We kept talking for 3 months but unknown to me, I was talking to her sister! (SMH). I  then demanded and got Mayowa's number and we dated for a while before I finally proposed. I knew she would be my wife. I did it!

Mayowa and Tiwa's Wedding & Relationship Tips

Be patient in your search for a husband/ wife, choose carefully and do not be sentimental. Observe more than you love because lust is also love. Make sure you test your partner, let them prove they are the one for you.  Pray for wisdom and instinct.
A wedding is a memorable event, it has to be well planned. Do not hire service providers whom you have not seen their work.



Creative Director Capture Infinito Tiwa Tomori 08035025226
CEO Mayowa Tomori 07030309155


  1. Whaooooooo this is mind blowing. May your love know no bound. I was dere, oo make sense

  2. Hmm I really love this, can't wait to get married too *smile* wish u guys d best out of this Marriage. Good children and happy home. Buh so sad I miss d weDdding..

  3. Your wedding ceremony was near perfect, enjoyed every bit of it. God bless your union.

  4. As i read dis post, d person i am reali reali happy for is mummy, as hapi as i am for u, i am happier for mummy and i knw u knw dat to. Finally she has seen a major breaktru after all her sweet struggles. Even though dat Abey of a guy did not invite me and coupled with dat I wasnt in town, my mum said our family was well represented and d wedding was a bomb and i believe her. Hapi married life to u.. My regards to ur husband....

  5. This Ȋ̝̊̅§ nothing but a WHAoooooo Experience u guys really dazed me.Your marriage will continually be an enviable and fruitfull one IJN.I luv this concept and I cant wait to invite d capture infinito to grace ♍Ɣ wedding anniversary occassion.keep it up dearie

  6. Luvly concept. Wish you two the very best in ur marriage. God bless