Monday, April 8, 2013


Hello ladies and gentlemen, we normally update every week but we had to wait for this testimony/interview and I tell you, it is worth the wait. 
We promised to bring you an exclusive with Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) if Jesus tarries, well, Jesus tarried and here it is.
This interview is a foray into the heart of a rare man, He is indeed rare, his sincerity, warmth, love, confidence, eloquence, the knowledge of the scriptures and the love he has for God is profound. This man carries the grace of God and it is evident in all that he does.  

The Holy Spirit completely took over this interview and for that we give God all the glory. We are indeed honored to be the first blog anywhere in the world to share an exclusive interview that covers every part of the enigma called Chief Femi Fani Kayode (FFK). I have no doubt you will realise as Job 32;8 says that,' ..there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding..'. that this man understands the times and the seasons.

 I should also mention his good taste, his home is breath taking, the ambiance is heavenly,  he attributes this to his wife Mrs. Regina Femi Fani Kayode, I felt I was in different parts of the world at the same time.
Sit back, relax, you are about to take a journey that will change your life. God bless you. : Tell me about politics; is it spiritual, how spiritual is it?

FFK: Anybody that does not know that all power belongs to God and that the heavens rule in the affairs of men, just as the bible says doesn’t even understand the essence of life, politics or the power game. That is the starting point. Everything in the physical realm is controlled by the spiritual realm. Once you accept and appreciate that truism and principle it would be very naïve to assume that politics is not a spiritual matter.  It is very spiritual indeed.

Nobody comes to power at any level unless God causes him to be there for a purpose either for good or for bad. That is clear from the scriptures and all the holy books ascribe to that. Christianity, which is my faith, confirms and it teaches us that all power belongs to God. So if you want to be king or you want to be a leader the first thing you have to do is understand that only God can make you that king or that leader. If you look at our experience in Nigeria nobody that has aspired for the office of the President in this country and that has all the wherewithal to do it, whether it’s the money or the power, has ever got there. Usually what happens is that somebody from out of nowhere, as a consequence of a series and a string of strange events, will suddenly be chosen by a group of other people to come and sit on the throne. 

This happened from the First Republic to the Second Republic. Tafawa Balewa was a teacher and Shehu Shagari was a teacher as well. They didn't have money or anything yet they became Prime Minister and President respectively. Those in the military that came in never dreamt they will be in power but somehow they got there. God set in motion a series of events and created a situation whereby they came in through the barrel of the gun. If you had asked any of them twenty years before they came to power or even ten, five or just one or two years before then, most of them will tell you that they had no idea that they would end up being there. So there is a deeply spiritual and mysterious element to these events. Even after the military boys stayed in power from 1966 till the end of Obasanjo's tenure as military Head of State in 1979 and after Shagari was toppled by Buhari and the military stayed in power again till 1994, where did the next civilian Head of State Ernest Shonekan come from? That man had no idea that he would ever be Head of State. They just called him in and told him. After a while he was toppled as well and then came Abacha who died and was succeeded by Abdulsalami Abubakar. 

The finger of God was in all these events but what happened after Abubakar's tenure was the strangest and most significant of all. Out of the blue Olusegun Obasanjo, a man that had been jailed by Abacha, was brought out of prison and he became the President of Nigeria for the second time in his life. He went directly from the prison to the palace. 
That is the power of God. Obasanjo came back to power in 1999 which was exactly twenty years after he released it and handed it over to Shagari in 1979. There is a lot of significance in numbers which is something that a lot of people in Nigeria cannot comprehend and don’t understand. Obasanjo came back to power after 20 years and after suffering the most brutal and vicious form of persecution and being jailed for three years. Yet he was not the only one. Let me mention two others. The Sardauna of Sokoto, Ahmadu Bello, also suffered political persecution and was sent to jail for three years as well before he became the Premier of the Northern Region and the greatest leader that the north ever had. It did not stop there. A number of years later Obafemi Awolowo, the Premier of the Western Region, suffered persecution too and was also sent to prison. Just like Obasanjo and Bello he was in prison for three years as well yet immediately after that he was elected Leader of the Yoruba and became the de facto Prime Minister of the country during the civil war. Is this not truly remarkable? What is the significance of the number three? Why were they all there for three years exactly? Only a fool or a dullard would say that it is just a coincidence. All these things have a spiritual aspect and a deep and mysterious dimension. They were not contrived or planned by man but rather by God. What happened to all these people had already been written in their stars before the oracles of time. Every single thing that happened to them, whether good or bad, just had to happen because God had willed it long before they were even conceived. 

Even the man that came in after Obasanjo, Umaru Yaradua, had no idea that he would ever be President and neither did he ever plan, fight for or prepare himself to be one. I was there when he was chosen by Obasanjo. I was privy to the whole thing. It was completely out of the blue and it took us all by surprise. Only Obasanjo himself could understand that choice. I took Yaradua to see Ghaddaffi after Obasanjo told him that he would be President. The three of us sat together and we had a long conversation yet the two of them are dead now.  I will never forget that conversation, what transpired and what each of us said. It was very revealing and I shared it with a number of people after it took place. The truth is that for a man like Umaru to ever become President of a great country like Nigeria is just extraordinary. He had no business being President and it could never have happened unless God caused it to be so, either for good or for bad. I think he was a terrible President but we cannot question God. God put him there for a period of time and when the time came God decided to take him away from us forever. All power, including the power of life and death, is in God's hands and in His hands alone. And after God took Yar'adua away then came in the one that we have there now. The one by the name of Goodluck who, again, could only possibly have gotten there by the power of God.

He had no idea that he would ever get there. If you look at his life you will discover that that man never aspired for anything. There would be a number one before him and he would always be a number two that was just chosen out of the blue as a spare tyre. Yet in his case something terrible would always happen to the number one and he would end up taking their positions. This again is a deep mystery. It is the power of God being made manifest, whether for good or for bad.  The truth is that God orchestrates everything that happens in the destiny of men and nations. 
He alone knows tomorrow and He alone knows who and what He will use to achieve His purpose. That is why it is very important not to write anybody off no matter what he or she is going through. No matter what he or she is suffering today don't write them off or mock them because only God knows their tomorrow. And no matter how big, how wealthy, how awesome, how connected, how brilliant and how powerful a man or woman is today, never assume that he or she will be there forever. It is all just a matter of time. Nothing lasts forever. If God decides to touch him, he loses everything. So only the fool or dullard is boastful of who he or she is or what he or she has. Only those that do not know God or fear Him can talk, think or behave like that. Again if a man or a woman is down in the gutter and has nothing, no education, no money, no connections, no friends and he or she is suffering somewhere and you come and laugh at him, you are a fool because God can make that man or woman your President, your Governor, your leader, your benefactor or your employer sometime in the future and in the fullness of time. This is especially so if he or she is a praying person that has God's ear and favour. 

Never write off anyone and never underestimate the power of a praying man or woman.  As a matter of fact the most dangerous person that you can ever encounter on earth is a praying man or woman  because they can take you to the forest with their intercessions, fasting and prayers. This is wisdom. Let me give you an example of someone that had such wisdom and that understood the implications of this deep spiritual truism. Queen Victoria was probably the greatest ruler that Great Britain ever had. She ruled at the height and power of the British Empire in it's full splendour and glory. During her time as Queen, Britannia (which is known as the United Kingdom today) ruled and held dominion over at least half of the world. And she ruled the British Empire with an iron fist.  Everyone feared her. Yet despite all her worldly power, wealth and glory she was also a deeply spiritual and God-fearing woman and nothing reflects this better than her interesting and insightful remarks when she was faced with a rebellion and armed insurrection from Scotland. She said '‘I do not fear the armies of Scotland but I fear the prayers of John Knox’'. This short yet deeply profound contribution tells us everything about this great Queen, her understanding of God, her understanding of the world and of power and her mindset. At the time that she made this comment she was ruling half of the planet and most of the world was literally bowing before her yet she still had the humility and presence of mind to know that all power belongs to God and that a praying man is the most dangerous enemy to have. And John Knox was certainly a praying man. He was not just a pastor but he was also a great evangelist and intercessor. He was a man that knew how to invoke God's power and favour and how to move the finger and hand of God. His knees were like camel knees because he spent virtually all his time on them praying to God and his prayers certainly used to result in miracles and move mountains. So Queen Victoria feared this humble yet powerful man because she understood the nature and awesome power of the God that he served and that he called unto. That is a wise woman for you. That is a wise ruler. How many of our people and our rulers today fear God and have such wisdom? The answer is very few. 

Your question is very pertinent and the answer is very clear- politics is spiritual and the power game is spiritual. Nothing happens in the physical realm unless and until certain things cause it to happen in the spiritual realm. And this can be for good or for bad. : What phase in God’s plan do you think Nigeria is going through right now?

FFK: The fact is that Nigerians, I am sorry to say, I don’t mean to be rude but Nigerians don’t like to hear the truth and sometimes when we speak these truths, people get very upset. It’s still important to say the truth so it’s on record that at least it was spoken. God never does anything without showing his prophets first, without allowing a few people to tap into His Spirit. He tells them '‘I will do this'' or ''I will do that’'.  It is usually because of the prayers of the watchers, the intercessors, the believers and the saints; I mean those that intercede for the nation, that God holds back His hand of judgment for some time. But it gets to a point that the cup of that nation or people eventually becomes full and then something awful happens.  In the case of Nigeria it is imminent.  We are almost there. Something awful will happen soon in this country because our cup as a people is almost full. What our leaders are doing today and have been doing in the last four years is provoking God and He is about to do a new thing. 

There will be change in Nigeria whether anybody likes it or not. It will be a brutal change. It is a change that will come as a consequence of the wickedness and the level of barbarity that so many of our people have resorted to today. There is so much wickedness, insensitivity, corruption and evil in the land. There is so much injustice and so much persecution. You persecute the innocent, you torment them, you misrepresent them, you jail them, you kill them simply because you feel that they are threatening you. You reward the corrupt, you pardon and free the guilty and you consider the possibility of granting amnesty to those that have shed innocent blood and that delight in slaughtering the children of the Most High God. Do you think that God does not see all this? Do you think that He is asleep? He that created the eye, can He not see? He that created the ear, can He not hear? Do you think that God is mocked by your evil? You just don't know Him and you have taken Him for granted. He has hardened your heart unto destruction just as He did to Pharaoh before He destroyed him. And destroy you will he. You persecute the poor, you crush their spirits, you shatter their dreams, you destroy their future and you leave them with no hope and you believe that you will go scot free? Not unless there is no God. Judgment is coming.

80% of our graduates don’t have jobs in this country today. It has never been that bad. That means that out of every hundred (100) graduates that we have in Nigeria today, eighty (80) of them do not have a job. And so what are we saying? You look at the economy; I don’t want to go into facts and figures here because there is no need to do so. It is self-evident. Go and look at the facts and figures today and compare them to what we had 4 years ago when we left office in 2007. It is very depressing. I mean we have suffered degeneration and lack of growth in virtually every sector of the economy.
The facts and figures are there and I will not repeat them here because they are too painful to reel out, hear or list again and because a few of us have courageously spoken out and said it over and over again over the last few months and years but no-one, least of all our President and our Government, is listening and seems to care. And instead of doing anything about it or answering the pertinent questions that have been put to them about the economy, the way they are running the country and all the oil proceeds and foreign reserves that they have squandered over the last few years they disdainfully sit in the Villa and call us ''yesterday's men''. They forget that ''today's men'' will also be yesterday’s men one day and that ''yesterday’s men'' may well end up being ''tomorrow's men'' as well.  This has happened many times before in our history and in the history of the world so no-one should think that he or she will be in power forever and no-one should try playing God. Whether we like to hear it or not the truth is that if we continue like this Nigeria will be worse off than the Republic of Zaire in a few years’ time and that would be a tragedy of monumental proportions. I mean things are that bad in our country.  

Where there has been no retrogression or degeneration in the economy and in the various sectors we have instead suffered nothing but stagnancy. In terms of the economy we are either going backwards or we are quick-marching on the same spot. Then you look at the security situation in the country. You look at all the innocent blood that is being shed in the land.  You have a government that can’t even control a situation where you have an open armed rebellion being waged by a brutal, primitive and relentless terrorist organisation who is executing a barbarous Islamist insurgency in the northern part of the country.  We are at civil war in this country today yet we are all in denial of this hard and painful fact and we are pretending that all is well and that it will just somehow fizzle away. We have a government that will not fight the insurgency to its fullest extent but that is far more comfortable to talk to them, to beg them and to consider offering amnesty to them even where they remain faceless and where they never asked for any amnesty or handouts in the first place. You are considering the possibility of offering amnesty to people that have killed 4,200 of your own people in cold blood over the last two years. Pray tell me where is the justice and decency in that? What will you tell the families of those that have been slaughtered? Gosh what a government we have. 

A few months back, the President was saying that Boko Haram were his siblings. I remember it well and I even wrote an article about it at the time. He said that they were his siblings that he wouldn’t fight them, that he wouldn’t kill them and then just a few months later he went to Borno state started saying something else and that he would fight them. Yet today he has changed his tune and changed his mind yet again. He has now told us that he is now considering the possibility of granting them amnesty. The question that I have for him is this? Why all these conflicting signals? Why is he blowing hot and cold? If he wants to fight Boko Haram and Ansaru then he should fight them. And if he wants to get into bed with them, forgive them, empower them and hand over the whole of northern Nigeria to them to become a Taliban Republic in return for peace then he should try and do so.
 I mean most of us are appalled and utterly disgusted about how Jonathan finds it so easy accommodate and to stretch out his hand of friendship to a bunch of utterly ruthless and blood-thirsty maniacs who have massacred thousands of his own people and our compatriots in cold blood over the last two years. You look at all that blood they are shedding. Four thousand two hundred people (4200) in the space of two years- that is the highest number of civilian casualties inflicted by any insurgent or terrorist group on Nigerian soil during peace-time since our country was established in 1914. That is a statistical fact and it is getting worse by the day. The only time that it was worse than this was during our civil war. What people like Jonathan and those that speak up in support of amnesty for Boko Haram don't appreciate or realise is that history has shown and proved that the display of weakness and the adoption of a policy of appeasement by any government when faced with insurgency, aggression, armed conflict, rebellion or terror only attracts more aggression from the aggressors. Hitler proved that before the Second World War and that is why western governments never enter into dialogue with terrorists and aggressors and they never seek to accommodate any group that raises arms against the state or that kill their people. In Nigeria we are yet to learn those lessons because most of our leaders know no history and have no sense of it. They are not even capable of seeing or understanding its relevance.

The other day in Kano, Boko Haram targeted primarily Igbos, Christians and southerners at a motor park which was peopled by mainly southerners and Christians that were preparing to go home. Those innocent souls had already boarded the buses and the terrorists and suicide bombers calmly went there and bombed them. And what was the response of our government and of Nigerians? As usual there was outrage for one or two days and then after that, the whole matter was forgotten and everybody has kept quiet. I guess that is the Nigerian way. We brush our problems under the carpet, we pretend that they don't exist, we bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich and we live in complete denial about our precarious and dangerous situation. As a matter of fact we go further by labeling anyone that points out these problems and that calls for an urgent and decisive solution to them as an alarmist and an enemy of state. This is just not normal and clearly there is something wrong with us as a [people and there is something wrong with our government. It is almost as if we are all under a spell and our behaviour is clearly sociopathic and pathological. We just don't care about the monumental loss of life and like our President most of us just ''don't give a damn''. 

What is very obvious to the discerning is that Nigeria has become nothing but a blood-soaked abattoir under President Goodluck Jonathan. There is nothing but blood in the land. You see my greatest problem with this government and my greatest criticism of them is not the fact that they have completely run down the economy. It is not the fact that they are incompetent, unfit to rule, unjust, clueless, corrupt, wicked and evil. It is not the fact that they are insensitive to people and that they persecute their perceived enemies and detractors. It is not the fact that anybody that criticises them they seek to hurt, to wound, to humiliate, to persecute, to shame or to lock up with the SSS or EFCC.
These are not the things that worry me the most about this government’s abysmal record, attitude and performance.  It’s not that that worries me the most.  They can continue doing all that from morning till night, they can run down the economy, they can make people’s lives miserable; they can destroy our people's future. If that is what makes them happy they should just go ahead and we know that one day God will intervene and get them out. What worries me the most is not all these things but rather all the innocent blood that is being shed under this man's watch. What worries me the most is that a situation whereby so much blood is being shed and you as a Government are not even in a position to protect the lives and properties of your citizens. That is utterly shameful and it is the greatest crime of all. That is the greatest sin of all and it is for that reason, because of all that innocent blood that is being shed under their watch that God is going to judge them. His mighty axe and sword of judgment will fall on them  very soon. Wait and see.  They must bear full responsibility for every drop of blood that is being shed, that has been shed and that will be shed because they swore an oath before God to protect the people of Nigeria.  Whatever it takes for them to have stopped  Boko Haram in their tracks, they were meant to have done it. 

You cannot have a leader that is scared of going to war. The minute you have that you are in trouble because his weakness encourages insurgency, it encourages rebellion, it encourages violence and it encourages evil. They look at him and say to themselves, ''this man doesn’t have the guts to fight so let us do our worse and kill his people right under his nose''. That is what our country has been reduced to by Jonathan.  We need a strong leader that is prepared to go to full scale civil war if necessary in order to protect the unity, secularity, integrity and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As long as we don’t have a leader like that all the bloodshed will continue. That is my fear and that is my greatest criticism of this government. :  What are your views on Boko Haram?

FFK: On the issue of Boko Haram itself you can tell that these are just agents of the devil. Most of our people are reluctant to criticise them publically because they are scared.  This is particularly so with most of our leaders- most of them are cowards. I don’t fall into that category because I believe that my life is in the hands of God and not in theirs. Nothing can happen to me as long as God does not will it so I will always speak the truth and speak my mind when it comes to such matters.

I live in the northern part of Nigeria. It is my home.  I have lived in the north for ten years now and I am telling you that Boko Haram is the most evil force that this country has ever known.  I am also telling you that the only way you can deal with it is NOT through amnesty, like some of my friends and colleagues have been saying, but rather by seeing it as a simple law and order issue and by taking the battle to their gates and eliminating every single one of them and their sponsors and closet supporters. This has been my view from day one when this crisis started and it remains my view. It took the great Kamel Ataturk of Turkey the resolve and the will to slaughter almost one million Islamists, not Muslims but Islamists, to bring law, order and sanity back to his country when it was faced with an armed challenge from those who wanted to turn it into an Islamic fundamentalist state.  In other words he slaughtered almost one million Islamic fundamentalists during the conflict and he could do this easily because he did not see them as true Muslims. He was a Muslim himself yet he slaughtered over one million islamic fundamentalists in his country in order to make Turkey a secular state which was bound by the norms of decency, humanity and justice. Ataturk saved Turkey from falling into the hands of religious extremists and he created a modern, functional, democratic and successful Muslim  state when many in the western world claimed that it was impossible to do so. His legacy in Turkey endures till today and it ought to be a shining example of what is possible in a country that is almost 90 per cent Muslim to the rest of the world and to Muslims particularly. Ataturk proved to the world that you can have a Muslim country that is secular, that is well run, that is decent, that is disciplined, that is militarily and economically strong and that has laws that are humane and civilised. He proved that you can have a Muslim  country  where human life has meaning, where women are treated as equals and where archaic religious laws have no place. Turkey is the great nation that she is today because of what he did. He refused to allow Turkey to go the Taliban or the Al Qaeda way. He refused to allow her to go the Iranian way.  He resisted the idea of those that believed that the rights and safety of non- Muslims should not be protected and guaranteed, that sharia law must be fully applied, that women had no rights and ought to be treated like chattel, that  Taliban-like governments had a place in the world and that other faiths ought to be banned. This is of course the sort of thing that Boko Haram wants for Nigeria. It came to a point in Turkey where there was insurgency and rebellion and Ataturk resisted them forcefully and literally killed every single one of them.  Without that strong resolve and strong action Turkey would not be what she is today. We need to recognise what we are up against in Nigeria when it comes to Boko Haram. It is not just their foot soldiers that are dangerous and evil but their very ideology and world view. Their intention is to use the force of arms and terror to islamise as much of the world as possible and to wipe out and ban Christianity, moderate Islam and every other faith on the earth. It is for the moderate Muslims themselves to rise up more than anybody else against this evil because Boko Haram is misrepresenting their faith before the world and giving the impression that Islam is a bloodthirsty religion. This is sad and unfortunate because we know that Islam is far from that and that it is indeed a great and humane religion and one of the three great Abrahamic faiths.  Yet the Boko Haram carnage continues and it hurts me so much when I hear some of my friends and colleagues say that there should be amnesty for Boko Haram. It hurts me when I hear some of the elders of the land saying there should be amnesty for Boko Haram. It hurts me when I hear the government saying that they are considering the possibility of granting Boko Haram amnesty. All these sentiments are very painful to the ear and to the soul. I think those that have those views are completely wrong and ill-informed and what they are suggesting, if it is ever implemented by Government, will be counterproductive and extremely dangerous.
You don’t give amnesty to people that haven't   asked for it themselves. Worse still they haven't laid down their arms, they haven't shown any form of repentance or remorse, they have not renounced their Islamist agenda for northern Nigeria, they are still killing your people and they are still linked to Al Qaeda and the forces of global jihad. So on what basis are you talking about amnesty for such people? Amnesty doesn’t arrive until they have given a commitment to stop the violence, they have given up their arms, they have stopped waging war against the state and stopped killing your people. It is after all that they can then ask for it. That is when it may be granted and that it may arrive and it should not do so until then. In the case of  the Niger Delta militants, they committed to a peace process in principle and dropped their arms first and the whole thing was brokered and negotiated by their elders and their leaders including, in fairness to him, Vice President Goodluck Jonathan as he then was.  Not many people know that but it is the truth. Jonathan and all the other key leaders of the Niger Delta including Chief E.K.Clark, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor and many others actually went to the creeks to talk to those boys. How many northern leaders have done the same and have gone to meet Boko Haram? Instead they will tell you they don’t know who they are. So the question is this- why are you asking for amnesty for people whom you don’t know? Why are you pleading and standing in for people whose identity and intentions you are not sure of and you cannot guarantee? It is a dangerous course and if it is ever accepted by the Government it will backfire badly and prove to be counterproductive. It will not bring an end to the terrorism and insurgency but instead it will strengthen and legitimise it.

So we are back to the issue of where Nigeria is heading to. I will say this much today. If the government does not do its job, if Boko Haram continues killing, if Boko Haram strikes in the South, particularly the South West, that will be the end of Nigeria. The only way that will stop is if God raises a leader, what we call a biblical Jehu (and incidentally we keep picking it up spiritually), who will rise up and just effect a terrible cleansing in this country that will affect so many people in the positions of leadership. He will wipe so many people away, the land will be filled with blood and then Nigeria will start all over again with a strong leader that can hold us together and make us what God wants us to be. I am not saying that I want this to happen, that I am planning for it to happen or that I want anyone dead. I am only telling you what I believe may happen and what the Spirit of God is leading me to say. I am speaking prophetically. It is not that I know about anything that is being planned anywhere. I am speaking prophetically now and by the Spirit of God and I am saying to you  if this government does not get a grip of the situation, pull up its socks, begin to protect the lives and properties of the citizens, began to  fight Boko Haram as they are meant to fight them, begin to do a better job and  if the president doesn’t show virility and strength, then he is endangering his own government, he is endangering his own people, he is endangering the stability and the future of our country and God will not sit by idly. If he does not rise up to the occasion and challenge of nation-building, if he continues to show weakness and indecision, if he continues to make one blunder after the other as he has been doing in the last two years something will give and there will be a change in this country whether anybody likes it or not. I shall continue to pray for him and for Nigeria because I wish both him and our country well but I shall also continue to speak the truth no matter how bitter that truth may be. : You have been in politics for 20 years, tell me about your great faith moments; those moments when you could have run but you just stood strong.

FFK: There have been so many. Throughout my political career it has been a struggle. My first outing was very tough. It was 1989 and I was just 29 years old at the time. Right from the beginning it’s been a struggle for me in politics and I had many difficult and lonely times. Yet it is my calling and I have a passion for it. It is something that I chose to do and I have stuck at it for the better part of my life.  I was in politics right from the start when Babangida lifted the ban on it in1989. 
A few years later  the June 12 annulment took place my perspective on Nigerian politics changed dramatically after that. I eventually joined National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) and I was involved in the struggle. I contributed my own bit to the fight against military rule and in the struggle for Abiola to regain his mandate. I wrote articles, I gave lectures, I created awareness about the terrible situation in our country in various international fora and I formed various groups of political agitators and activists both within and outside Nigeria. I did all I could throughout the struggle against military rule and I participated in partisan politics for many years whenever the military gave us the opportunity to openly do so. After coming back to Nigeria in 2001 after living in exile in Ghana since 1997, I went into partisan politics and I was given the opportunity to serve my country by being a part of the Federal Government in 2003. That of course is the ultimate objective of any politician- to be given the opportunity to serve your country in a meaningful way. I was Presidential spokesman for three years and then after that I became a Minister in two separate ministries one after the other. So as far as I am concerned I have achieved my objectives for going to into politics in the first place and I have had my chance to make a difference in the lives of people and in the fortunes of my country. 

Once you have been a Federal Minister the only other thing you can be is either a Governor or a President or maybe a Vice President. So as far as I am concerned I have achieved that aspect and even after leaving office I have continued to contribute, I have continued to be relevant and I have continued to express my views in the same way that I was doing for many years before joining government.  You see politics is my calling and it’s my passion. This is because I love my country and I wish to help make it a better place than it already is. Consequently as long as there is breath and life in me I will continue to contribute to the politics of Nigeria and I will never stop participating in politics or indulging in political commentary and agitation. Yet despite my passion and love for it there have been many challenging moments. I can remember when I fell very ill in the 1993 just three years after I went into full time politics. My illness and challenge defied all human logic and all attempts to heal me and help me failed. I almost died then and I had to be taken to Action Faith church in Ghana where I attended the bible seminary for two years.  That was when I became a born again Christian because I saw the power of God at work. From the day that I got there my whole life changed. They prayed for me and the illness stopped from the very first day that I got there. A deep transformation took place in me, God delivered me from my demons and He literally changed my heart. 

I became a different person and I saw and experienced the power of God. Everything that has happened to me from 1993 till today was prophesied and spoken over me by the servants of God as far back 1993. I mean everything! Including the fact that I would be delivered from my illness, that I would be hale and hearty, that I would go back to Nigeria  in a few years and I would become a spokesman to a President and then after that I would become a Minister. I was told in 1993 that I would return to Nigeria after successfully finishing the bible seminary course and that after that I would flee Nigeria because of the government and return back to Ghana this time to live in exile for a number of years.
I was also told that my wife in Nigeria was not my wife and that God would give me another one that I could rely on within 4 years. Can you believe that every single one of these prophecies came to pass even though I did not believe them when I heard them in 1993 on arrival in Accra. The power of God is so awesome-not only did he heal me but He gave me a new life, new hope, new friends, a new wife and He honoured His word and kept His promises. What a mighty God we serve. He is truly faithful. 

Again, it was prophesied in 1997 by the same church and the same person that Obasanjo would be released from prison and would come out and be President of Nigeria again. I was also told  that I would end up serving in his government. This was something I found hard to believe because Abacha was in power in Nigeria at the time, Obasanjo was in prison, I was living in exile in Ghana and I had no idea when or if I would ever go back to Nigeria again. Apart from that I was not a great fan of Obasanjo at all at the time so I couldn't see how I could ever end up working for him. My spiritual father Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams told me that it was going to happen no matter what and that I should just wait and see. He said that if it didn't happen I should never call him a man of God again. I resisted it, I said it’s not true and that it would never happen and yet it came to pass a few years later.  Very little has happened to me in my life that God did not tell me or warn me about either directly or through his servants before it actually happened. This includes the fact that I will be in government for a specific period of time and that I will be persecuted by government for a specific period of time after that. All of these things were revealed, exposed and prophesied to me long before they happened. I also know what will happen to me in the next few years and the sequence of events that will unfold in my life and in my country but I won't share all that with you here.

In all this I just know one thing and this is the most important point to grasp out of all that I have shared with you on this topic - that God is faithful to His own and that He always honours His word. He has proved that over and over again in my life.  Everything that has ever happened to me in my life including the misrepresentations, the persecutions, the insults, the lies, the challenges in my private life, the hatred that I would attract from so many people and so much more- all of it was revealed to me between 1993 and 1999.
I came back to Nigeria in 2001 and there is nothing that has happened to me post-1999 that I wasn’t told would between 1993-1997. Absolutely nothing! It’s by the power of the living God not by any individual. It was through the mouths and lips of various highly anointed and credible men and women of God. Things have not been easy but God has been good to me. That is why I find it so easy to live by faith. Because I know that He whom I serve and love and I know that He is faithful and true to His own. I am not an angel or a saint but I know that God loves me deeply just as I am and I love God with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my being and I trust Him absolutely.  Anyone that knows me well will bear witness to that fact.

God has been so good to me and He has been so faithful and that is why nothing moves me. When Yaradua was trying to kill my brother Nuhu Ribadu, when he was persecuting me, my brother Nasir El- Rufai and all the so-called OBJ boys, when he determined to jail all of us for doing absolutely nothing except for breathing air and serving Obasanjo, when he wanted to arrest my wife for nothing, when he wanted to arrest my eleven year old child as she then was for nothing and just to spite me God was with me and went ahead of them. Their evil and wicked plans against my loved ones failed. What had they ever done? Their crime was to be members of my family and just to hurt me and get at me you wanted to lock them up and humiliate them. How wicked and inhuman some people in power can be! That is why I had to ask my wife to leave this country. They wanted to arrest us all. When they couldn't get my wife and daughter they then arrested me. They scattered my family, scattered my staff, arrested all my associates and appointees in government- anybody that was so much as friendly with Femi Fani Kayode or that he appointed to any position of power, they will arrest, lock up and interrogate and say ‘'lie on him. Just lie on him if you want to save yourself''. These people are all still alive. They can testify to what I am saying and they will do so at the appropriate time. They scattered my family, humiliated me and took everything from me.  They thought I would crack and come and beg them, commit suicide, have a nervous breakdown or run away by fleeing the country but they didn't know the type of man that they were dealing with. They didn’t know the type of God that I serve and that that God was with me every step of the way. I must confess that on a couple of occasions in 2009 I toyed with the idea of fleeing the country. I actually said to myself let me disappear before these people come to my house and kill me but the Spirit of God said to me loud and clear, '‘stay where you are. You will see the end of this man and you will see the end of every single one of the people that has a hand in this wickedness'’. When I heard that voice I stood firm because my strength was renewed. Immediately after that I sat down in my study and I wrote a poem on October 23rd  2009 titled ‘'A Note To Umaru- I Stand and I Fight'’. 

It was published in various mediums almost immediately and I also put it on my website and it remains there till today. If you wish to read it just go there and meditate on each word and line. When I wrote that poem I was in tears and it came by nothing but divine inspiration and as a consequence of deep prayer and a powerful leading by the Holy Spirit. It was not me writing but the Spirit of God that was in me.
 One month to the day that that poem was written and after it was released to the public, my persecutor, President Umaru Yaradua fell into a deep coma. That was on November 23rd 2009.  The poem had been written on the night of October 23rd 2009 and it clearly and unequivically prophesied that his (Yaradua) end had come and that he would soon die. One month later to the day November 23rd 2009,  Yar'adua fell into a coma. He was rushed to Saudi Arabia on that day and he never came out of that coma till the day that he died.  He went to Saudi Arabia for three months and he remained in a coma throughout the time that he was there. He was brought back to Nigeria, still in a coma, on February 23rd 2010, three months later, again to the day.  As I said before there is a lot of significance in numbers.

He came back to Nigeria on February 23rd 2010 still in a coma and he died and was buried a few months later. That is the power of God. God honoured His word to me and to many others that were being persecuted at the time that we ''will see the end of this man''. I didn’t go anywhere, I didn't run away, I was here in my house and I saw it all happen. And as regards all that has happened after that and since then the Lord has already told me the end and consequently I have no fears. I have no fears for my country, my family, my loved ones or myself because I know the God whom I serve. He has already determined how things will end and turn out for all of us so why fear anything? I am like Obasanjo- ''ori mi le'' (meaning my head and spirit is strong). Let me put it to you in another way- ‘'ori Femi Fani Kayode le’' (meaning Femi Fani-Kayode has a strong head and a strong spirit). It’s like Obasanjo's. Obasanjo is somebody that if anybody wrongs him something awful always happens to that person. Check his history very well and you will find out that what I am saying is true. If you persecute Obasanjo you are in trouble. If you try and kill him or jail him you are in trouble. Obasanjo is a very dangerous man not because he is in any way superhuman but only because God has a very special interest in his life and He guards him jealously. Just go and find out what happens to all his enemies and those that plot evil against him. I am very similar to that. This is the first time that I have ever spoken publically about all these personal things and I may not do so again until my book comes out.  I usually only write and comment on public issues of national concern and I don’t talk about what I am going through. I don’t talk about the suffering and persecution I have been through over the last four years, the wickedness that has been inflicted on me, the loneliness that I have suffered because my family have been away from me, the betrayals that I have been subjected to, the lies that people have told about me, the bitter challenges and obstacles that I have faced and so many other things. I never talk about or write about these things because at least I have good health and life and most important of all I have a mighty God who takes care of me and who meets all my needs in a wondrous way.

So why should I complain to any human being or share my pain with them?  I write essays regularly but I make a point of not writing about my personal issues or challenges because that one I take to prayer and to God alone.

He is awesome and He is faithful. All those that thought I would suffer in life , that thought that I would be dead by now, that wrote me off and boasted that I was finished are sorely ashamed today and have been disgraced by my God because my voice is still strong in this nation and I am still kicking strong. It’s not because of me or because I am in any way special. It is because of the power of God in me and the fact that my God has promised that He will never leave me or forsake me. That is the secret of my life and the key to my strength. I can go through anything as long as God is with me. Without Him I am nothing, but with Him I am everything. Apart from that I am blessed with a very good, strong, prayerful and resilient wife. I am very proud of my wife and my children. They have been through so much over the years because of me. I keep them out of public glare but I love them so deeply. I will tell you that nothing moves me when it comes to my challenges because I know the beginning of them all and I know the end. That is what keeps me going. I despise the shame and I go through it all with my head held up high. There is nothing that they can do to me or say to me that will deter me or make me give up. I will continue until that which God has said will happen actually happens. And I know that it will happen because God is not a liar. He is faithful to His word no matter how long it takes. In the fullness of time and at the end of it all the Lord shall bring me to an expected end. The counsel of the ungodly shall not stand over my life and the Lord will honour His word and not cause it to fail. It is because of this that despite all I have seen and that I have suffered I am one of the happiest people that you can ever meet. I am full of joy and hope because the joy of the Lord is my strength. : Let’s talk about the poems and the essays, how does that happen, they come out so passionate and prophetic

FFK: Thank you very much. There are two aspects. I love writing articles about current affairs and what is happening in our country because I have a passion for Nigeria.  It’s my calling and I feel that is important to express my opinion as freely as possible. You don’t have to be in power or be looking for power before you write. If you feel you have something to say and if you notice that a lot of people take their time to read your contributions and that they appear to take what you say very seriously, then you have a duty to come out and speak the truth or at least express your opinion on national events from time to time. I enjoy writing essays on a wide variety of topics and not just politics. I have been doing that for almost twenty six years now. 

I remember a series of literary debates which I had in the early days. The first major one was in 1996 in the Sunday Guardian Newspaper when I had a long 3 month debate with Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah about Pentecostalism and Catholicism. He was a rising star in the Catholic Church then and he was very vocal about so many things. I think that he was the spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference in Nigeria then or something and he pastored his own branch of the church somewhere in Lagos at the time. I on the other hand was a practising Pentecostal and I had just finished my pastoral course at the Action  Faith Chapel Bible Seminary in Accra, Ghana one year earlier where I got my degree in theology. So I was power-packed and ready to go toe to toe with him. 
I was a very committed and serious-minded Pentecostal Christian then with a very compelling testimony. The debate was sparked off by the fact that I took objection to a long essay that he wrote about the Pentecostal Church and their views about God. I considered his write-up to be very insulting to our faith and church and I resolved to do something about it. I wrote a full page rejoinder the following week titled ''Is Matthew Kukah A Priest Or A Politician?'' and it caused quite a stir. Of course he was not in any way intimidated and the very next Sunday he wrote his full page responding to me titled ''Priest, Politician and More''. I responded to him again the following Sunday with another long article about the Catholics and that is when the whole debate about church history, the Catholic Church and the Pentecostal Church started. It was explosive and very educative for all the readers that were following it every Sunday. It was a beautiful thing and a very thrilling intellectual exercise for us all.  It was so popular and closely followed that for the next 2 months the Sunday Guardian dedicated at least four pages each Sunday to it and published articles from both sides of the divide written by different people each Sunday. At a time it got very acrimonious and hostile but it was nevertheless very informative and educative. It was also very entertaining and every time I went to any Pentecostal church at that time they would announce me, encourage me and say that they are reading the debate with keen interest and supporting me. Of course Kukah got the same level of support from the Catholics  and he was a very tough nut to crack. He is a wonderful man and after the debate we became good friends. We still are. If there were more formidable intellectuals in Nigeria like Bishop Matthew Kukah in our country Nigeria would be a much better place.

The second major literary debate that I had was in 2001 and it was in the Sunday Vanguard Newspaper where I had a column. The whole sharia thing was very hot in Nigeria then and I took strong exception to the essay of a Muslim intellectual by the name of Abu Jaffar who wrote a series of articles in the Sunday Vanguard disparaging Christianity and describing Jesus as ''weak''. I responded to him and for the next three months we wrote one essay each every Sunday responding to one another. We went into the history, practices and beliefs of both faiths and I had to read no less than 11 books on Islam for that debate alone. It was explosive and literally the whole country was following it. Kudos must go to the editor of the Sunday Vanguard at that time, my brother Kunle Oyatomi, because there was considerable pressure on him to stop the debate because it was generating so much heat and tension between Christians and Muslims in the country. Yet Abu Jaffar (who I never met or ever spoke to up till today) and I never saw it like that. To us it was a purely intellectual exercise and scholarly debate about the credibility and veracity of our two faiths, a detailed sojourn into the history of both and a listing of atrocities in world history committed by both sides. I enjoyed it thoroughly and evidently so did he. Most important of all both us and our readers learnt from one another and shared valuable information about Christianity and Islam that most people didn't know. It was a wonderful thing and by the time we finished we understood one another's faiths and their history far better. How  I wish that we had more Abu Jaffars in Nigeria that could argue forcefully and eloquently for their faith without resorting to throwing insults or bombs. I have been involved in many literary exchanges and debates over the years on many different topics but I believe that those two, the Kukah one and the Abu Jaffar one, were the most explosive, the most acclaimed and the most celebrated.   

So you can see from that that I have been writing essays for many years and long before I went into government. Even before I went into politics in 1989 I was writing essays for the newspapers. I remember the first essay I ever wrote that was published in a Nigerian newspaper was in 1987 and it was titled ‘A Call to The New Breed’. I will never forget it. That was the first essay I ever wrote for public consumption and I was 27 years old at the time. The second one that I wrote was titled ''Visions of a Federalist'' and it was published in 1988. I was very happy with those first two essays and the responses that I got to them throughout the country was phenomenal. I have not stopped writing essays since that time.

The poems, however, are a completely different thing. I have always loved English, Greek and French literature and history and I read virtually all the great classics from a very young age. I have also always loved poetry and reading poems ever since I was at school in England as a young man of twelve years old. I did not actually start writing my own poems though until many years later in 2007 and ever since then I haven’t stopped. It’s just something that I love doing and I think that it is by far the most refined and sophisticated form of self-expression. It is the language of the deep and those that have vivid imaginations, developed minds and extreme passions. It stirs emotions up in us that other forms of prose simply cannot stir. Poetry is the purest form of expression. It comes from the soul. Only refined minds can understand poetry. Only developed and learned minds can appreciate it's power and purity. That is why poetry is more celebrated in the more advanced civilizations whether it be in places like India, the Far East, the older western civilisations, the Arabs of the Middle East and so on and so forth. When it comes to sub-Saharan Africa the Yoruba of Nigeria, the Zulu of South Africa, the Igbo of Nigeria and the Ashanti people of Ghana appreciate poetry more than any other people on the continent because it is embedded in their history and folklore. It is the same with their love songs and when they sing worship songs to God in their languages and dialects. It is very moving indeed. People that come from great empires that have seen great suffering and that have great and rich histories are the ones that usually appreciate poetry.  Well educated and refined people.  It’s the language of the refined and the civilised. It’s the language of the soul. Poetry can move you to tears if you are a sensitive soul and apart from anything else poetry, as far as I am concerned, is also the language of angels. You are saying and writing things that come from deep inside your spirit and soul. You are expressing your passions and your deepest secrets. These are things which under normal circumstances you would not write or say.

One thing that people need to understand is that when somebody writes a poem they should forget about who wrote it or who didn’t write it. The reader should allow the poem to speak for itself and he or she should completely forget who the author is.
The prose itself, the message it seeks to convey and the passions that it stirs are far more important than the author. There was a time I was toying with the idea of writing poems without my name and using a pseudonym so that ''Femi Fani Kayode'' is taken out of the equation. Sometimes it’s more effective that way so that people don’t focus on you and instead they focus on the message. I thought about it but in the end I said, ‘No’ and I decided to continue using my name. I asked myself why I  should hide my name as if I am ashamed of myself or what I was writing and I therefore chose not to do so. I chose to continue writing poetry and to continue to use my name for my poems.  I love poetry. I have written so many and each one, for me, is like a little precious pearl no matter how long or short it may be. Every single one of them has a meaning. Any time I write a love poem I am actually tapping into my emotions and I am writing about a particular individual that nobody knows. Only I know who that person is. It was only on about four occasions that I made it self-evident who I was writing about. For example I wrote one for my wife which was titled-  ''A Tribute To My Wife Regina- Daughter of Zion'' and then there was a second one which I wrote for my children. I wrote those ones in 2008 and 2009 respectively. All the other poems I have written, every single one of them, the love poems and the ones that are not love poems; usually it’s a specific individual that I am talking about.  I draw inspiration from the Spirit of God, my pain, my emotions and my experiences and it just comes out flowing. : Twitter went crazy when one of your poems, The Power of a Woman, was trending, many women were commenting on the fact that you know them so well, let’s talk about that poem

I wrote Power of a Woman in 2009 when it was first published and it was basically a collection of all my experiences with women. It was re-published again recently and once again it generated a lot of interest.  That’s a great poem though it is very light-hearted and funny at times. I guess that it's a contrast from my usual style of heavy and soul-searching writing where all kinds of deep emotions come to play. The Power of a Woman is a light and easy read and it is very refreshing and informative. It leaves you with a smile on your face and gets you thinking about the way women behave and what really motivates them. It is actually an advisory on women for men.

Some of my poems are psalmic in nature like the songs of David in the bible. Those ones inspire, they encourage, they bring hope, they soothe the wounded, they offer praise to the Lord and they talk about God, His love and His awesome power. I love those ones because they inspire and motivate people. They offer strength and they encourage others. Others are proverbial in nature like the Songs of Solomon or the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible. They just come up with proverbial anecdotes to life and little bits of profound advice about how to survive the rigours of life and make it through.
Some are just pure poetry, love poetry, love songs about individuals that were in your life or that are still in your life and some about the pain that you are going through. You lose somebody that’s dear to you, you feel the pain and you can write and when I write like that, immediately I finish, the pain just gradually goes. That’s the beauty of this wonderful art form-it can be very therapeutic. 
Yet I do not limit myself to love poems and all the other themes that I mentioned. I sometimes write poems about things that are taboo and that others fear to write or talk about like death.  Nobody wants to write or talk about that topic but Where Angels Beckon is all about death and it is one of my favourites.  I love that poem. And if I should die tomorrow or whenever I would want them to read it in the church at my burial service or at the graveyard over my coffin to everyone's hearing before my body is lowered in the bowels of the earth.   You see each of those poems has a special meaning to me and over the last four years I have written probably close to about 30 or 40. You can find them all on the poems column of my

The Power of a Woman came purely as a consequence of my own experiences with women and then as I was writing it things just kept coming to my mind. It was written purely by the power of the Spirit. God just took control of my mind and my pen and these words of wisdom and knowledge about the opposite sex just kept coming out. Let me share a small secret with you. I have never written a poem by planning it and sitting down one day and saying to myself, ''today I will write a poem''. It never happens like that. Never! It always starts with just one line and usually I finish my poems within twenty minutes, half an hour or at the most maybe one hour of starting them. I never plan to write. It just happens impulsively. It is never contrived or planned. It takes you by surprise like good sex. The day I sit down and I say that ''I am writing today'' it won’t work. It comes not by planning but by divine inspiration. It’s like a deeper revelation or some deep insight and understanding that you are momentarily given a glimpse into. That is a blessing from God and the power of a creative and artistic mind. It's a gift from God.  The Power of a Woman was a collection of my own experiences with women and then the Spirit of God kept dropping things in my spirit as I was writing. I think that we got it just right about the way women are in that poem.

Yet the funny thing is I didn’t learn from my own lessons. I am the most naïve and vulnerable person when it comes to women. I read that poem again the other day and I said to myself ‘'You know all these things about these beautiful creatures and yet you keep on making mistakes with them and about them’'. It is truly amazing.  So I never learnt my own lessons about women which is another interesting thing. I am not an expert on them because I never learnt from my own lessons about them. Yet I know them and that poem says a lot about them. The poem is actually a celebration of women. It lists their virtues and their vices. It makes them human and it strips them bare. Yet it is not insulting. It is gentle, funny and kind and like vintage wine it puts a nice smile on your face. It’s a celebration of women and I believe that all men need to read that poem if you want to really understand women. : Let’s talk about Seven Keys to an Abundant Life; your words on betrayal were profound

FFK: Its one of my poems that is anecdotal and proverbial in nature. Such insightful prose sometimes comes to my spirit. I think that I wrote that one in 2010 or 2011. 
Betrayal is one of the most painful things that anyone can suffer. This is especially so when it comes from a loved one or someone that you trusted and relied on. Yet why should we be surprised when it comes. That is human nature and that is how human beings behave. If the Lord Himself, the Master, Jesus can have twelve disciples and He chose them by divine inspiration and one of them ended up betraying Him why should we complain or be surprised when we experience the same sort of betrayal from friends and loved one that we did not choose by divine inspiration.

Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him long before He chose him because it was prophetic. It had to happen so that scripture could be fulfilled. He never fooled Jesus and the Lord saw it coming long before Judas was even conceived in his mother's womb. Yet He bore it and went through with it so that the scriptures could be fulfilled. In his betrayal Judas thought that he was hurting and destroying the Master but he didn't know that he was actually helping Him to fulfill His purpose in His life and on earth and to confirm the ancient prophecy of His coming, of His being betrayed, of His being crucified and of His rising again. This was part of God's great redemption plan for mankind but Judas, in his deep, dark wickedness and twisted and evil little mind could not see it. The Bible says, ‘… If the prince of this world had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory’. It’s not that He was fooled. He knew that Judas would betray Him and yet He selected him all the same. That is the way I see traitors and those that betray trust and confidences. It has to happen so that God can effect His plan in your life. If Joseph had not been betrayed by his brothers, thrown in the pit, sold into slavery, misrepresented and betrayed by Potiphar's wife and gone to prison, he would never have fulfilled God's purpose for his life and become the Prime Minister of Egypt. He would never have been in a position to save his own family and the Jews from starvation in their time of need. If his brothers had known that when they threw him in the pit and left him to die, out of jealousy and envy and simply because of his dream, that they were actually effecting God's greater plan and purpose for his life, they would never have done it. They delighted in their wickedness but they didn’t know that God had a greater and better plan for Joseph in spite of their wickedness. In fact it was their wickedness and betrayal of him that set God's plan and purpose for his life into motion. Joseph would never have gone to Egypt in the first place, let alone end up ruling the place as Prime Minister, if he hadn't been sold into slavery by his brothers. So when a traitor or a betrayer does his or her thing just take it in your stride, don't be moved, hold your peace, leave them alone, leave them to God and watch out for what God will do for you and to them. There is always a hidden reason and purpose for everything that happens to a child of God and in any case the traitor will always pay a terrible price for it so why worry? The bible is very clear on that one. It says ''he who repays good with evil, evil will never leave his household''. It is a very deep and dangerous scripture and it is very powerful. When invoked it works and sometimes it doesn't even need to be invoked- it just happens automatically and the retribution just comes either slowly or suddenly. Whichever way, come it will. 
So don't worry when you are betrayed. If of the twelve that were chosen by divine inspiration one betrayed Jesus then who are we to imagine people won’t betray us? They will always betray and they will always repay your good with evil. I have been betrayed more times than anybody I know. I have suffered betrayal, I have suffered in the hands of false brethren, I have suffered all sorts of treachery and I have suffered all sorts of intrigues and indignities from people who I have helped in life and whose lives I have transformed. I have suffered all sorts of insults and misrepresentations from people that I have shown nothing but love and goodness, but you know what? Even those who have betrayed me the most I have forgiven and I have continued to love them from a distance. I will never fight hate with hate. The only thing that can drive out hate is love so even when I am betrayed I withdraw but I try as much as possible to forgive and to love. I leave the traitor to God who can do far more than I and who sees the full picture far better than I do. I do not get bitter and I do not hate. The greatest betrayal I have ever suffered in my life came from somebody I loved deeply yet I eventually forgave that person from the bottom of my heart and I don’t regret doing so. That is the key to life. The ability to understand the nature of man - that man will always betray. That is his nature. Don’t ever expect anything in return for what you do for somebody because they will always repay your good with evil. When you do good to others you do it unto God and not unto man. Your reward for those acts of kindness, for that support, for that assistance you gave and for that gesture and word of encouragement will come only from God. And just as you help others, God will raise others to help you in your time of need or to help your loved ones when you are not there or you are not in a position to do so yourself. An act of charity or kindness is never a waste and you must never resolve to stop giving or helping others that are in need simply because someone has betrayed you in the past and has repaid your good with evil. 

And when you have been badly hurt and betrayed by someone that you love the key recovery is to learn to forgive. Keep your guard up, don’t let them come back and do it to you again but always forgive them from the bottom of your heart. That way when you yourself do things that are wrong to God and to others, God will also forgive you. That’s the way I live my life. I am not a saint or an angel and I have never claimed to be one but there are certain principles that I hold dear and that I live my life by and this is one of them. The ability to forgive, like patience, is not just a virtue but it is a powerful weapon in the arena of spiritual warfare. : Which are your favorite poems?

FFK: There are so many but my favorite ones I think are A Tribute To My Wife Regina- Daughter of Zion, Remembering MacDreamie, St. Barts and the God-sent Child, The Power of a Woman, A Note To Umaru- I Stand and I Fight, Where Angels Beckon, The Last CallShe was Tranquility, This Is Wisdom, The Land Of The Black Star, The Fields Of Harrrow, Let Courage Be Your Armour, They Wound The Souls That Love, For My Beautiful Children, To Regina My Queen, The One I love,   A Prayer For The Believer, As The Lord Lives, This Wall Shall Fall, A Word To My Father, Reach For The Stars, God Defend Nigeria, O Yes Men Do Cry, There Is None Like You,
The Ephemeral Thoughts Of Lesser Men, On Dominique Strauss Khan And His Women, Despising The Shame-A Resurrection Day Message and so many others. I just love them all.

There’s another one titled, My Most Precious, which is a lovely little poem and then I have epic, long and moving ones that tell quite a story like A Tribute to the Warrior, which is an outstanding poem. The Nubian Queen is another beautiful one. There are so many you like Why Do You Love God? There are so many others. I just love them all and they all have a special meaning to me and a special place in my heart. Each one has its own story. You can read them all in the poems column of my website or you can just Google them because most of them have been published before. : We should talk about your book, when is it coming out?

FFK: There are two books that I am writing. I have been under a lot of pressure to put all my poems in a book.  This is coming from mostly people that read my poems and that appreciate them but surprisingly many of those people are not even Nigerians. There are some exceptions to the rule but mostly Nigerians somehow don’t key into these things. This is because most of them don't even like reading in the first place let alone reading or appreciating such a complicated narrative and oftentimes emotional prose. You know that our people are very hard. This is because they have been through so much over the years. I don’t understand why Nigerians generally don’t like poetry but people say it’s because we are not so well versed in the arts. Nigerians don’t read widely. Even the great poets of history, people like Coleridge and all the rest of them, Byron and so many others, Nigerians don’t really read them. Yet the people outside Nigeria do, particularly in the West and even in the East. Most of those, like I said, they read my poems and express appreciation and delight with them are mainly from the Middle East, from America and from Europe and most of them have been pressuring me to put them all in a book.  So I am putting a book of all my poems together and then apart from that,  I am writing a book which is very similar to the one that Nasir El- Rufai just published and launched. I have actually got most of my transcripts for that one ready. 

I haven't gotten a title yet but it’s about my personal experiences in government, not post, but whilst in government and then the third book I will write after I finish that second one will be about my post government experiences. In other words what has been happening to me and the experiences that I have had between 2007 and now. I have been putting a few notes together but I need to get the first two out before I go deeply into that one. : Are you releasing the books at the same time?

FFK: The likelihood is that I will probably release the first two together that is, the poetry book and the other one. More or less its ready. Those two are ready now. It’s just for me to muster the courage and the will, to put them together and to find a good publisher. : I have no doubt, they will be best sellers

FFK: The poems I pray will do well particularly abroad like I said. It’s only a few Nigerians that appreciate such things but there are thousands of people abroad that really do seem to love them judging from the responses I get. That one (the poems) will really for an international audience and particularly women.

The one on the Obasanjo years when I was in government, I focused on between 2003 and 2007. It contains all that transpired that I knew about. That one I have got most of the stuff already. The transcripts are there. It’s just that I am looking for a publisher. There is so much sensitive stuff there and I just don’t know whether I have the courage to come out with all that because mine is much stronger.  If people think Nasir El- Rufai’s one was really tough they are in for a shocker because I assure you that mine is much tougher than that.  By the way I should also mention Nasir El- Rufai. He is a good friend and a man of immense courage whom I have tremendous respect for. I  thought that his book was outstanding though I didn’t agree with everything in it but I think the fact that he could come out and write like that is commendable.  I think that if anybody has any objections or disputes anything that he wrote they should simply write their own book. That way many people will write their own version of events, members of the public can read them all and people can make up what they want to believe. What I didn’t agree was with some of the things that he said about Obasanjo as a person and what he believed that the Presidents intentions were.  I didn’t know about those things and when I discussed them with President Obasanjo he denied them. But other than that, I think the book is an outstanding expose and Nasir is a good and loyal friend to have any day and anytime. He is one of the most consistent people that I have ever known. Of all the people that I got to know whilst I was in government I think that he’s probably one of the most consistent. We may not agree on a few things and we certainly don’t agree on everything but he will always have my friendship and my respect. : How soon, are we looking at for the book, this year?

FFK: Well, yes, I am hoping I will have two of them out before the end of this year but again it depends on the publishers. There are so many questions I am still asking. Whether I want it done here or outside and things like that.
The material is very sensitive, particularly on the years I was in government. I always get this feeling that I don’t want to upset too many people and whether it’s the right time to come up with some of this stuff. This is what always holds me back but the transcripts are ready. What I am working on now is what happened between 2007 and now. It’s been very eventful. What I know about the situation and what’s been going on. But the other one is ready. It’s a question of time. Don't worry; I won’t keep you waiting for too long. : You have served at the feet of greatness all over and you have been very loyal, you were President Obasanjo’s voice, let’s talk about service and loyalty

FFK:  There are two basic principles and two important virtues that I live by. The first is courage.  They say that ''courage is the greatest of all the virtues''.  I believe that. I was brought up to believe that. It was the great Greek philosopher Plato that first said it thousands of years ago and I believe it passionately. It is as true today as when Plato said it thousands of years ago. The second great virtue is loyalty.  You see there is a spiritual principle which we as Christians ought to know if we don’t know it already. It goes like this- in order to lead, you have to first serve. Even though He is God and the second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus had to come down amongst men. He came down and He despised the shame of becoming an ordinary man because He had a mission and purpose that He had to fulfill.

He was born in a manger. Do you know what it means to be born in a manger in a stable or a barn? He was nothing and a nobody at birth. He was brought up by a carpenter. He came from a poor family. God Himself came down and became nothing. They betrayed Him. They beat Him. They misrepresented Him. They crucified Him. And then they killed Him. He went through all that. Jesus suffered all that because He knew He had to serve. He served humanity. He served God the Father that sent Him. He carried out His mission.  It was only after that service that He could be exalted and lifted up. This could only happen after He was crucified and after He went down to hell and spoilt the principalities and powers. He rose again and then from there halleluiah!  He ascended into heaven where He is seated at the right hand of God the Father. Up until now He is with God interceding on our behalf. If He hadn’t served, if He hadn’t done all that, if He hadn’t been courageous and loyal  to the counsel of God and to the purpose He was sent to achieve, if he hadn’t done all that, He would not have been able to ascend. He would not have been able to say ''I have paid the price, I have shed my blood so that they can come back and reconcile with You'' to God the Father.
So He had to serve before He could rise up to lead and that’s the principle. If you want to be a good leader in this country, a good leader, you have leaders that never served and they have been bad leaders but if you want to be a good leader, you need to be able to serve people.

A lot of people think I just came in on the scene. Like President Obasanjo just looked for me somewhere and picked me. It’s not true. I worked for Chief Tom Ikimi who was a great man when he was Chairman of NRC.
 I was his spokesman. People don’t know this. That was in 1991. After that I worked for Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi as his spokesman too in his Choice '92 Presidential Campaign organisation and during his presidential campaign. Throughout the NADECO years I worked under a leader. His name was Chief Tunde Edu. When I was in Ghana the first time from 1993 till 1995 I left politics completely and when I went to Bible College. Whilst there I worked under Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and that’s when I learnt what life was all about and then I learnt my lessons. When NADECO came and I went back into politics in 1996 I worked under Chief Tunde Edu who was my leader. He was the commander of NADECO in Ghana and I took orders from him. I came back to Nigeria eventually and I met President Obasanjo in 2001. We had an eight hour argument with lots of talking and shouting and all the rest. I had been so hostile to him in the past and I told him what I believed about Nigeria and he said to me ‘you are a stupid boy’ and we really argued. I didn’t back down, I argued with him but in the end he convinced me that he was right and that I was wrong about whether Nigeria should remain as one country. He invited me to be close to him and from that point every weekend; I was in Abuja with him in the villa. I worked under that man and got to know him well long before I joined his government. I  got to know that man inside out for at least two years or about a year and a half before I joined government. We were very close so by the time I joined government I knew what I had to do and I committed that I would defend this man with my life if I had to because I believed in him and his cause. 

I resolved that I would protect him and that I would stand by him and that is what I dedicated my life to doing for three years.
Ninety percent (90%) of the enemies I have today are because of my position with Obasanjo and I don’t regret it at all. After that I was appointed a Minister by him and at that point I faced my ministry as Minister of Culture and Tourism and then later as Minister of Aviation and I stopped defending him. Somebody else took over that job. I still remain loyal to President Obasanjo and I continue to be loyal to him till today. We may have had one or two disagreements from time to time; I disagreed with his choice of President Yaradua openly. A number of us did. We saw that it was a mistake but I still remain loyal to him and till the day that he dies and even after his death I will be loyal to President Obasanjo. This is because President Obasanjo’s government was a good government that brought development to my country and Obasanjo himself is a profoundly good man. That doesn’t mean to say I can’t disagree with him from time to time. I can and I have. That is bound to happen again but I will always protect him and defend his cause and it is in doing things like that and serving at the feet of these people and learning at their feet, just as the Apostle Paul learnt at the feet of somebody else, that you can grow. When you do that and you learn from their mistakes and achievements you are also imbued with their knowledge and their anointing begins to flow on you as well. By the time your own time comes to lead. God will honor you because He has been preparing you all these years for that particular role. He will now honor you because you have served loyally. When you have served loyally and your own time comes to begin to lead, others will also serve you loyally. This is because you once served somebody else well. Never betray. If you disagree with your leader tell him that you disagree and that you have decided to opt out. You can do that. I will never be a slave to anybody. I have never been and I can never be. Nobody that bears the name Fani-Kayode can be a slave to anybody.
We are loyal to a fault but if we disagree, even with our leaders, we will say so quietly and we will part ways amicably. Yet loyalty and courage, as far as I am concerned, are the keys to life and if a man wants to eventually lead he needs to imbue those two virtues.
You must have courage and loyalty and you must have the humility to serve others until your own time to lead comes. 

 What is the ministry of a wife in a Christian marriage? Please tell us about your own marriage, your wife and the many experiences that you have had with women.  We are sure that our readers can learn one or two things from you? Has your heart ever been broken? How much do you rely on your wife? 

FFK: I have never spoken publically or in detail about my wife, my marriage or my private life though there are all sorts of speculations and disinformation about these matters all over the place. Yet today I will do so today for the first time since I got married to her 16 years ago. I will do so only because I want you and other young people to learn and appreciate what it is to be married to a wise, virtuous, humble, God-fearing, powerful and loving woman who has enough faith to move mountains in both my life and hers and who dares to believe and trust God for anything and everything. I will also do so to prove to you and others that I am not infallible and that I have made so many mistakes in my private life that you and your readers can learn from and can avoid making. That is why I will talk about these sensitive and deeply personal matters and for no other reason. I am a public figure and have been so from a very young age. Yet ever since I met my wife I have tried to guard her privacy and that of all my children and keep them away from public glare and scrutiny. This is especially so with my wife because she is an intensely private person who never speaks to the press and who has very few friends. She is very circumspect, reticent, inward-looking, discerning and she is very sensitive to and about people. It is part of her calling and training and now it has become her nature. She hardly talks to strangers, she keeps to herself and she prefers to be virtually invisible to those that are not close to her. She is also aware and very sensitive to the great evil that exists in this world so she is very careful indeed about letting her guard down or exposing herself or our daughter to that evil.

 She did not chose a public life, I did. So she has always told me to keep her away from all the publicity and public scrutiny because she hates it and because she is very sensitive and protective of our daughter Remi. Yet today it is fair for me to extol a few of her virtues and expose a few of my warts and weaknesses and talk just a little about the blessing that God gave me in Regina. The truth is that to have put up with someone like me for so long the lady really is a saint and I appreciate her so much. I do not and have never taken her for granted even though I have slipped and failed her more than once in the past. It is her ability to love even the unlovable and very complicated, volatile, complex and unpredictable soul called FFK that moves me so much. She never judges me by my actions because she sees my heart and she knows that I am a good person despite it all. She loves me just the way I am and no matter what happens to me, unlike anyone else on this planet of 7 billion people, she will never forsake me or turn her back on me no matter what. That is what gives me strength and that is why I cherish her today and I always will. 

Now let me just start answering your question by saying that I am not an angel. Like most married men I have made mistakes in the past and I have let down my wife on a number of occasions. Yet despite that I never stopped loving her.
Not many people will admit to that. So I am not an angel but neither have I ever considered the possibility of leaving my wife though on many occasions she almost left me. I have been close to her since 1994. We got married in 1997 and the only way that I would ever leave her is if she says that she does not want me anymore and that she loves someone else.  That is the only circumstance under which I would release her. I pray that it never comes to that but the truth is that the last few years have been very tough for us both in terms of our marriage and this saddens me deeply.

Yet only death can stop me from loving my wife and even after that I will still continue to love her because I know what she has done for me in my life. We have been apart for quite some time now but that doesn’t mean anything to me.  My relationship with her transcends the physical. We have been apart only because I have kept her out of this country because President Umaru Yaradua wanted to lock her up and lock up my eleven year old daughter for doing absolutely nothing. I have never said this publicly before. They just wanted to spite me and I swore that as long as my case with the EFCC is on I will not let my family come back to this country.  I won’t let them come back because I will not allow them to suffer or be humiliated simply because someone here hates me and wants to take it out on them. I have gone through that pain of being separated from the one I love more than life itself for a number of years now yet it does not in any way affect my relationship with her. I trust her absolutely and she understands me very well. Even before a thought crosses my mind Regina knows what it is because she knows me even better than I know myself. Most importantly she caused me to start believing in myself again even when I lost all confidence in myself and my future and when I didn't even want to live anymore. My enemies and detractors tried everything under the sun to destroy my marriage but when you have a soul mate that is your wife, true love transcends boundaries and every circumstance.  

If you want to know the people that when I hear their voice I will stop whatever I am  doing and I would always listen, there are just three of them. The three are firstly my wife Regina- if I become too difficult to control you know what to do. That’s a deep secret I have just shared with you. She is the only person that can make me change my course once I have decided to take a particular position on any issue. She has never been wrong over any issue since 1993 when I went to Ghana and first met her.  This young girl (as she then was) was praying for me from as far back as that time. She’s a woman of God- A Daughter of Zion that comes from the distant land of the kente cloth. The first time I ever laid my eyes on her in 1993 she was preaching passionately and eloquently in a packed all night service in a place called Dzorwulu in Accra. She was moving hearts and winning souls for the Kingdom of God and I remember thinking to myself that what on earth is this stunning beauty like this doing on the pulpit? She has come a long way since then and for the last twenty years she has been a full time pastor and an insightful, compassionate and gifted intercessor.

She is a servant of the Living God. That’s her calling. She’s never been wrong about anything that she has advised me about ever since I met her and she has just managed me all these years even as difficult and as complicated as I am.  She loves me unconditionally just as I do her. So she is the first person that I always listen to. The second is my spiritual father Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams. A great warrior for the Lord and a very strong and powerful man. He is indeed one of God’s end-time generals on the planet today and a man that moves very powerfully in the prophetic realm. He has done more damage to the kingdom of darkness and the agenda of the devil and his agents here on earth than any other man that I have ever met and I love him dearly. The third person that I always listen to is my political leader and my boss President Olusegun Obasanjo who I just love and admire. He is an inspirational leader. A man of great courage and strength and his love for and faith in Nigeria is beyond human understanding. So these are the three people that I trust and that I always listen to.

But as I was saying earlier some relationships transcend the normal boundaries. It’s just a unique peculiar relationship that I have with my wife. Yet having said that I have, like every other married man, disappointed her once or twice. Once or twice I have misbehaved and let her down and that’s an admission of failure. It is shameful and nothing to be proud of. I share it with you only so that you can appreciate the danger and futility in doing such things. It wounds the soul and brings so much pain that it is just not worth it.  A lot of men think it’s a sign of virility for them to have many extra-marital affairs but I see it as failure. My weakness is that I tend to love deeply and fall in love easily. Most men have the ability to guard their hearts and they believe that the more women you sleep with the stronger and better you are. I don't believe that. I am a romantic and people like me often get hurt and wounded when they make the wrong choices.

My heart has been broken five times in my life. Badly broken. It almost killed me each time. I can feel the pain of people that are suffering because I have been there. I am talking about emotional suffering and pain and each time I have come through and healed only by the grace and power of God. The only woman that has never betrayed me, that has never ever forsaken me and that has stayed with me through thick and thin is my wife Regina. It’s a fearful thing to lose her because that’s the only person that I can really trust with my deepest and most ugly secrets. She is not just a wife but she is also a mother, a sister and most importantly a friend. We discuss everything. If you come and tell me she did something wrong I will tell you, ‘it’s a lie, I know this person’, I can take that to the bank any day, anytime.

Five times my heart has been broken. You want me to go through each one? I have never spoken about these issues publicly before but today I will do so. I want people to hear about my experiences and learn from them so that they don’t make my mistakes.
I was married twice before. The first time I was married to a wonderful person by the name of Saratu Atta who is the mother of my first daughter Folake. Folake is a big lady now.  Today she is a lawyer in one of the top firms in the U.K. She’s twenty five years old now, a brilliant young lady. I was married to her mother but things didn’t work out. That was in 1987. After two years we split up and she went back to Ghana. Her mother is Ghanaian and her father is a Nigerian by the name of Alhaji Adamu Atta who was the former governor of Kwara State during the Second Republic. I loved her then and I still love her today. She’s a good friend of mine but when the marriage failed I was totally broken and shattered. We had wanted to come back together again but at that point hearts had hardened, one thing happened after the other and that was the end of it. Yet I never stopped loving her and till today there’s a small space in my heart that’s just for her.  There’s a little corner of my heart that belongs to her alone. We are very good friends and that’s a good ending for that one even though the marriage failed.   

Then came Yemisi Adeniji whom I got married to in 1990. The marriage was stormy right from the start. It didn't go too well and unfortunately after struggling to make it work for four years we eventually separated and later divorced. Though she had three beautiful children for me the marriage did not last and we did not part on the best of terms. It was very bitter and unpleasant. I was not an easy person then and the truth is that I put her through hell with all my strange behaviour, strange habits and strange ways. To make matters worse we were both very headstrong and very tough- she was a lawyer and so was I. I hope that I have not said too much here because it is not my intention to hurt anyone with this interview or to rake up old wounds. I just feel that it is time to open up just a little and settle all the misconceptions and speculations about my private life and what happened in the past. This is the most difficult interview I have ever given but I will go ahead since I gave you my word. Nam (that is what I used to call her then) and I parted ways under very acrimonious circumstances because I felt that she just deserted me at my time of need and things have never been good between us since then. We married in 1990 and we separated at the end of 1993. Yet despite the failure of our marriage and the strained relationship that we have always had, I thank God for our special moments together and for the fact that we at least brought three beautiful children into this world. Despite all, she too still has a little corner of my heart and when our marriage crashed it wounded me deeply.  I often hear about the bitter and painful things that she says about me everywhere but I will never respond. She can say that I am the devil incarnate and I will never respond. You know why? Because we were once married and I loved her for 3 turbulent yet wonderful years. I still love her to a certain extent because she is the mother of three of my children. I will never forget that. I will never hurt her. I will always wish her well and God will continue to bless her even though I honestly believe that she hates me. There is a thin line between love and hate and she just flipped over it at some point. What happened in those two failed marriages was that I was a different person.  I take full responsibility for the failures of both. I was not the easiest person to be married to then and I was not the best of men. I went through a transformation process when I went to the Bible Seminary in Ghana in 1993. So everything about me pre-'93 was very different to post-'93. Post-'93 I was a different person. My values were different, my outlook to life was different, my politics was different and my attitude to people was different. I didn’t know God before going to the seminary even though I hail from a long line of pastors.
I was a very difficult person then and I just loved to enjoy the good life, to party, to play polo, to drive fast cars, to do politics and to drink champagne.

Worse of all I was a chronic womaniser and for some reason women seemed to love me so much and I loved them back with equal passion and depth. I was  a wild young man that had everything that money could buy and I assure you that this was nothing to be proud of.  I was good, I was smart, I worked hard and I did well at school and at my job but I just didn’t believe in the power of God then and that was my greatest mistake. I was an unbeliever- an intellectual barbarian. I didn’t understand these things until I had my encounter with God when I went to Ghana in 1993. The point I am making is that I wasn’t the easiest person so I do not blame those twoo ladies for anything that went wrong. I blame myself. They had their own fair share of issues and complicated behaviour but I will never say those things publicly. I am the man and I  have to take full responsibility for everything that went wrong and I wish them well. So those were the first two times that my heart was broken.

Thankfully I met my real wife Regina in 1993 in Accra and we got married in 1997. She stood by me through thick and thin. Through the most difficult times and through the best times. Then a few years later I failed her and made a terrible mistake which had terrible consequences for my marriage and almost destroyed it. I got involved with a young lady and had what the French describe as an ''affaire de coure'' with her. I take no pride in what I did or even in  sharing it with you here but it is a matter of public knowledge so I am telling you nothing new and I hope that when your readers hear what happened to me they will not end up making the same mistakes that I did. For a couple of years I became deeply attached to this young lady. I will refer to her as ''Omo C''. I got very close to her and we fell in love. Eventually things did not go too well for us because I was not prepared to take a second wife and then she took one or two steps which disappointed me and that was it. That is how it all ended. Even though I felt deeply hurt by her and that we may never speak again, I have to say that she was a wonderful person, she worked extremely hard, she was very loyal to me up until the end and I will not say anything ill about her publically. A lot of things you see about her on the internet today, the things they wrote about her are not even true. It was an error of judgment on my part to have any kind of affair when I was married and it’s something that I regret deeply but the truth is that for some time that young lady brought joy into my life and I fell deeply in love with her.  That was the only time in my life that I ever came close to taking a second wife and I pray that it never happens again. Thankfully my wife prayed me out of that situation, continued to love me, forgave me, helped me to heal and saved our marriage and family. She forgave me and I haven't looked back since. I have nothing bad to say about that young Igbo lady as an individual. She made her choices and we will leave the rest to God. As far as I am concerned a lot of things you see about her on the internet are not true. I won’t even go into those things or discuss them here but we should cut her some slack. She’s just a nice person who wants to live her life quietly and move on with it and I wish her well. 
Yet the pain of our break-up was terrible though it was the right thing to do. And whether anyone likes it or not the truth is that she still has a tiny corner of my heart as well. She will always be a friend even if we never see each other or speak to each other again.

I was involved with somebody else through the years when I was alone here in Nigeria and separated from my family though it was something that did not in any way threaten my marriage. A good friend of mine became very close to me. I will refer to her as the ''God-Sent Child'' and she came from the Mid-West though she had lived in Lagos all her life. We were very close for a number of years and she was a great source of comfort for me throughout that period but the time came when we had to part ways. I had to consider the implications of our friendship on my marriage and she had to move on with her life and  go and do her master’s degree in the U.K.. She’s finished now. She did very well. She’s back in Lagos now, doing very well and moving on with her life. I hardly see or hear from her these days but I am proud of her, I am happy for her and she’s a wonderful person. She will always be part of me as well and again a little portion of my heart still belongs to her. That’s four. The fifth one, the only other woman that I ought to mention, I will not say much about publically for a number of reasons. She is somebody that I will refer to here as ''Tranquility''. She is an enigma. She is a good friend of mine and I am telling you that she is what they call a smooth operator. More importantly wherever she goes she brings peace and tranquility and she is one of the kindest souls that I have ever met in my life. I will not say anymore about Tranquility than that. So now you have heard it all I hope you are happy.  I hope that you will learn from my experiences and mistakes instead of making yours. These are a very serious issues and the emotions and memories that they invoke are  powerful and deep. The general point is that I have made my own fair share of mistakes and I have learnt a hard lesson from those mistakes. I have made my peace with my God and with my wife and that is all that matters to me. I suffered plenty of heartache and caused enormous pain to others as a consequence of these series of events, my actions, my behaviour,  my choices and my clandestine associations. Such complications are best avoided and such actions are best avoided. Being a real man is about loyalty, faithfulness and fidelity to the one you love and not about jumping into bed with different women.  

If my choice had been to leave my wife and settle down with any of these other women I could have done that three times over now but I have chosen not to do so but rather to stay with my wife. I made that choice even though I do not deserve her. That’s the point I am trying to make. I could have followed somebody else but no I made that choice rather than say I am going to break my marriage or betray my wife by taking a second wife. I will be loyal to my wife and let the other person move on to a better life for themselves. That for me is the triumph of love because if you really love somebody you have to let them move on to a better life and not put them in a situation whereby they are second wife to you. And if you really love your wife you will never toy with the idea of taking a second one. These 5 women all have a tiny portion of my heart but my wife has the rest of it and trust me when I tell you there is plenty of it left. She has at least 95 per cent of it and on top of that she has my body, spirit and soul as well.
 I hope that your readers can learn from my mistakes. If you have a good woman or a good wife please hold on to her at all costs and never let her go no matter what.

. : What’s your advice to the unmarried?

FFK: The most important decision you will ever make in your life is who you marry. Yet there is a misconception about marriage particularly amongst Christians. They say once you are married you cannot be divorced. It’s actually a misconception and a misunderstanding of the scriptures. The best thing is never to marry somebody until you are absolutely sure that’s who God wants you to marry but 90% of people don’t wait for God. They marry for carnal reasons, for monetary reasons or even for lust and it’s a mistake. The bible says "those whom God has put together let no man put asunder" but the mistake we all make is that once people are married we assume that it was God that put them together. It’s not always the correct assumption to make. So where God didn’t put you together there can be a divorce. And where God put you together you will know because the taste of the pudding is in the eating. If you are flowing well together and if you are totally committed to each other no matter what the challenges are, if you still love, you still care, you still forgive, you still touch the life of your husband or wife then you know God put you together and you stand firm, you don’t let anything break it. But in making that choice you need to know you made the right choice. If you made the wrong choice as a young man or young woman to go into marriage it will be the most terrible mistake you can make in your life. It can mar your destiny and destroy you or it can make you as well. The woman you marry, or for women the man you marry, is what will determine how far you will go in life. It’s as simple as that. It’s not something to be taken lightly at all.
There are some women that are just blessed, that have goodluck. Let me not use the word ‘luck’ especially since it's the name of our President. It’s not the word to use. Let me strike that out. There are some women that are just blessed of God. That if you are with them, blessings, power, wealth, honor, and progress will come your way. This is very true. There are some women like that and there are some, no matter how beautiful they may be, if you are with them, everything you do will spoil and you will not achieve your destiny. It’s very real. I am a man of experience and I know it’s a very important choice to make. Pray not to end up loving somebody that is somehow accursed or has some bad spirit walking with him or her and that will not allow you to achieve your full potentials in life.
Some women know that they have that. Their assignment is just to come and destroy. There are some women like that. 
They know that the way to gain favor before the devil that brought them into the world is to go and destroy someone’s destiny. So they go and be with him, sleep with him, marry him and take everything from him.  There are some like that. Some know, some don’t know.  The choice to be made about marriage is the most important one you will ever make in your life and its always wise to dig deep and pray hard before you make that final decision. Know who it is. Don’t just know them by the flesh. Know them by the spirit. Weigh up the ability of a woman to stand in difficult times because that’s the key. If a woman cannot stand in difficult times then she’s not worthy of being called your wife. Anybody can stand when things are good- the test of a man or woman is how you react when things are bad. : What do you think about
FFK: I think it’s wonderful.  I am very impressed and I  say this honestly from the bottom of my heart, I wish there were more young people like you in Nigeria that are discerning , that are full of wisdom and the Spirit of God and that understand the finer things of life like poetry. How many young Nigerians appreciate that? Things like the power of God, the power of prayer, the things of God, the nature of God and then to set up the kind of blog you have- to have that vision and that passion. It’s not just gossip and things like who is sleeping with who and who is doing what? It’s much deeper, much stronger.
If you were in America, your blog and your person- what is in you as an individual- would have been appreciated hundred times more than in Nigeria and you would be making a lot of money from it. Sadly not so here- Nigerians don’t appreciate people like you and I think that’s a tragedy because a truly educated person behaves in the way you behave and espouse the kind of values that you espouse. That is why I was ready to have this interview with you and speak with you openly about my life. So many people have wanted to do that with me but I said I will never ever talk about my private life. They can write anything they want on the internet or papers about my private life and I really don't care because most of it is untrue. I don't ever respond. But with you, you clarified issues and bore all. You brought that out of me. With you I am comfortable because I know who you are, I know what you are, I know the spirit that’s in you and I want to encourage you to continue to bless Nigerians with what you have in you. Bless them with your words, your poems, your write-ups, your blog and continue to encourage them.  Your time will surely come in Jesus name. : Thank you so very much sir
: It’s a pleasure


  1. Sir, understanding others is intelligence, understanding oneself is wisdom. Where are you now? Also do you have the necessity of open mind? I strongly believe that our insecurity is due partly to our ignorance. There is a vast amount that we do not know, some maybe important but some may not. Please give us that we don't know. You where there in govt. Have turned to use God as a cover after many years in govt? Hope all these is not for 2015?

  2. This is a really nice and inspiring piece..

  3. One thing I agree with you is that something will soon give in Nigeria. Those who would ve done something about it are either too drunk with power or drunk with alcohol and loose living in the corridors of power. I really pity them. They won't know what hit them as it will soon happen shortly. It won't be outside God's plan for it to be so. MARK MY WORDS. The stage is set for judgement. ONLY repentance can avert it. And to say the truth I don't see them humbling themselves.

  4. Again, as for the issue of divorce, the WORD of God is clear and Explicit on it, I don't want anyone to be confused following your eloquence. From what you are saying a Man can keep hopping from one Woman to another till when he is satisfied that he has found the one that God would graciously knit him together with. How convenient and How wonderful??? Do you think that God is a fool and that He has no witnesses ??Where is the drawing line between proper and decent sex within God's boundary and fornication/ adultery. I bet you have no such boundaries. Its either you are Rev Kris Okotie,s bosom friend. Or he must have laid hands on you directly or remotely. Stop bringing reproach upon the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You can't say you are born again and release prophetic Words on one hand and blaspheme after this manner on the other hand. MAY GOD OPEN YOUR EYES in this particular regard. You May want to repent, God is waiting. This is the DAY OF SALVATION for you

    1. A true christian would present his/her case in a respectful manner, your diction and judgement shows that you lack any kind of manners and you come from a despiscable background, true christians are honourable. The word of God has various interpretations, your one sided point of view simply shows how shallow or ignorant you are. Desist from being a hypocrite and a pharisee, remove the log in your eyes. Self righteousnesss are like filthy rags in the eyes of God.

  5. In my opinion, embezzling so much(people's sweat, medical bills etc)leads to blindness. You openly supported a corrupt government in this country and you are gracing the page of a struggling young man with vain and vague words. It's just sad that we live in a country where rogues and unnecessarily verbose people are celebrated,I just pray for the future of this country, someone like you shouldn't be interviewed or celebrated in a country you intentionally destroyed. You can be rest assured that posterity will judge everyone of you acting like you are the messiah Nigeria never had, wen in the real sense of it you had the opportunity to contribute your bit but you were too selfish to do so, all of you o.

  6. The Word of God remains our standard in everything.

  7. its really sad and disheartening that you allowed this jobless and broke man to grace blog ,fani kayode will die for obasanjo because he bailed him out of poverty .before his appointment all he was doing was abusing the government of obasanjo on the pages of newspaper(definitely looking for attention ).nigerians should not be deceived,if tomorrow jonathan should offer him something he will grab at it like a dying man that he is .
    shameless crook .

    1. whoever you are, your ignorance is only exceeded by your ignorance, fani kayode is descended from four generations of cambridge trained lawyers and if you read this interview rather than making an opinion which I am very sure must have cost you in life you will see what he wrote about OBJ, quit being a fool