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Hello everyone, God has been so good to us at, we just thought we would let Chief,  Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) share his story but the interview has gone viral, its been featured in all the major Nigerian blogs all over Nigeria, the UK and the United States, just last week it was in City People Magazine and Top News Magazine, to God be all the glory. 
On the third part of this syndication, we will be sharing FFK's great faith moments, the prophecies over his life and the poem that prophesied the end of President Yaradua's regime. Its called, A Note to Umaru; 'I Stand and I Fight'. You can find the poem if you scroll through this blog. : You have been in politics for 20 years, tell me about your great faith moments; those moments when you could have run but you just stood strong.
FFK: There have been so many. Throughout my political career it has been a struggle. My first outing was very tough. It was 1989 and I was just 29 years old at the time. Right from the beginning it’s been a struggle for me in politics and I had many difficult and lonely times. Yet it is my calling and I have a passion for it. It is something that I chose to do and I have stuck at it for the better part of my life.  I was in politics right from the start when Babangida lifted the ban on it in1989. 
A few years later  the June 12 annulment took place my perspective on Nigerian politics changed dramatically after that. I eventually joined National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) and I was involved in the struggle. I contributed my own bit to the fight against military rule and in the struggle for Abiola to regain his mandate. I wrote articles, I gave lectures, I created awareness about the terrible situation in our country in various international fora and I formed various groups of political agitators and activists both within and outside Nigeria. I did all I could throughout the struggle against military rule and I participated in partisan politics for many years whenever the military gave us the opportunity to openly do so. After coming back to Nigeria in 2001 after living in exile in Ghana since 1997, I went into partisan politics and I was given the opportunity to serve my country by being a part of the Federal Government in 2003. That of course is the ultimate objective of any politician- to be given the opportunity to serve your country in a meaningful way. I was Presidential spokesman for three years and then after that I became a Minister in two separate ministries one after the other. So as far as I am concerned I have achieved my objectives for going to into politics in the first place and I have had my chance to make a difference in the lives of people and in the fortunes of my country. 
Once you have been a Federal Minister the only other thing you can be is either a Governor or a President or maybe a Vice President. So as far as I am concerned I have achieved that aspect and even after leaving office I have continued to contribute, I have continued to be relevant and I have continued to express my views in the same way that I was doing for many years before joining government.  You see politics is my calling and it’s my passion. This is because I love my country and I wish to help make it a better place than it already is. Consequently as long as there is breath and life in me I will continue to contribute to the politics of Nigeria and I will never stop participating in politics or indulging in political commentary and agitation. Yet despite my passion and love for it there have been many challenging moments. I can remember when I fell very ill in the 1993 just three years after I went into full time politics. My illness and challenge defied all human logic and all attempts to heal me and help me failed. I almost died then and I had to be taken to Action Faith church in Ghana where I attended the bible seminary for two years.  That was when I became a born again Christian because I saw the power of God at work. From the day that I got there my whole life changed. They prayed for me and the illness stopped from the very first day that I got there. A deep transformation took place in me, God delivered me from my demons and He literally changed my heart. 
I became a different person and I saw and experienced the power of God. Everything that has happened to me from 1993 till today was prophesied and spoken over me by the servants of God as far back 1993. I mean everything! Including the fact that I would be delivered from my illness, that I would be hale and hearty, that I would go back to Nigeria  in a few years and I would become a spokesman to a President and then after that I would become a Minister. I was told in 1993 that I would return to Nigeria after successfully finishing the bible seminary course and that after that I would flee Nigeria because of the government and return back to Ghana this time to live in exile for a number of years.
I was also told that my wife in Nigeria was not my wife and that God would give me another one that I could rely on within 4 years. Can you believe that every single one of these prophecies came to pass even though I did not believe them when I heard them in 1993 on arrival in Accra. The power of God is so awesome-not only did he heal me but He gave me a new life, new hope, new friends, a new wife and He honoured His word and kept His promises. What a mighty God we serve. He is truly faithful. 
Again, it was prophesied in 1997 by the same church and the same person that Obasanjo would be released from prison and would come out and be President of Nigeria again. I was also told  that I would end up serving in his government. This was something I found hard to believe because Abacha was in power in Nigeria at the time, Obasanjo was in prison, I was living in exile in Ghana and I had no idea when or if I would ever go back to Nigeria again. Apart from that I was not a great fan of Obasanjo at all at the time so I couldn't see how I could ever end up working for him. My spiritual father Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams told me that it was going to happen no matter what and that I should just wait and see. He said that if it didn't happen I should never call him a man of God again. I resisted it, I said it’s not true and that it would never happen and yet it came to pass a few years later.  Very little has happened to me in my life that God did not tell me or warn me about either directly or through his servants before it actually happened. This includes the fact that I will be in government for a specific period of time and that I will be persecuted by government for a specific period of time after that. All of these things were revealed, exposed and prophesied to me long before they happened. I also know what will happen to me in the next few years and the sequence of events that will unfold in my life and in my country but I won't share all that with you here.
In all this I just know one thing and this is the most important point to grasp out of all that I have shared with you on this topic - that God is faithful to His own and that He always honours His word. He has proved that over and over again in my life.  Everything that has ever happened to me in my life including the misrepresentations, the persecutions, the insults, the lies, the challenges in my private life, the hatred that I would attract from so many people and so much more- all of it was revealed to me between 1993 and 1999.
I came back to Nigeria in 2001 and there is nothing that has happened to me post-1999 that I wasn’t told would between 1993-1997. Absolutely nothing! It’s by the power of the living God not by any individual. It was through the mouths and lips of various highly anointed and credible men and women of God. Things have not been easy but God has been good to me. That is why I find it so easy to live by faith. Because I know that He whom I serve and love and I know that He is faithful and true to His own. I am not an angel or a saint but I know that God loves me deeply just as I am and I love God with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my being and I trust Him absolutely.  Anyone that knows me well will bear witness to that fact.
God has been so good to me and He has been so faithful and that is why nothing moves me. When Yaradua was trying to kill my brother Nuhu Ribadu, when he was persecuting me, my brother Nasir El- Rufai and all the so-called OBJ boys, when he determined to jail all of us for doing absolutely nothing except for breathing air and serving Obasanjo, when he wanted to arrest my wife for nothing, when he wanted to arrest my eleven year old child as she then was for nothing and just to spite me God was with me and went ahead of them. Their evil and wicked plans against my loved ones failed. What had they ever done? Their crime was to be members of my family and just to hurt me and get at me you wanted to lock them up and humiliate them. How wicked and inhuman some people in power can be! That is why I had to ask my wife to leave this country. They wanted to arrest us all. When they couldn't get my wife and daughter they then arrested me. They scattered my family, scattered my staff, arrested all my associates and appointees in government- anybody that was so much as friendly with Femi Fani Kayode or that he appointed to any position of power, they will arrest, lock up and interrogate and say ‘'lie on him. Just lie on him if you want to save yourself''. These people are all still alive. They can testify to what I am saying and they will do so at the appropriate time. They scattered my family, humiliated me and took everything from me.  They thought I would crack and come and beg them, commit suicide, have a nervous breakdown or run away by fleeing the country but they didn't know the type of man that they were dealing with. They didn’t know the type of God that I serve and that that God was with me every step of the way. I must confess that on a couple of occasions in 2009 I toyed with the idea of fleeing the country. I actually said to myself let me disappear before these people come to my house and kill me but the Spirit of God said to me loud and clear, '‘stay where you are. You will see the end of this man and you will see the end of every single one of the people that has a hand in this wickedness'’. When I heard that voice I stood firm because my strength was renewed. Immediately after that I sat down in my study and I wrote a poem on October 23rd  2009 titled ‘'A Note To Umaru- I Stand and I Fight'’. 
It was published in various mediums almost immediately and I also put it on my website and it remains there till today. If you wish to read it just go there and meditate on each word and line. When I wrote that poem I was in tears and it came by nothing but divine inspiration and as a consequence of deep prayer and a powerful leading by the Holy Spirit. It was not me writing but the Spirit of God that was in me.
 One month to the day that that poem was written and after it was released to the public, my persecutor, President Umaru Yaradua fell into a deep coma. That was on November 23rd 2009.  The poem had been written on the night of October 23rd 2009 and it clearly and unequivically prophesied that his (Yaradua) end had come and that he would soon die. One month later to the day November 23rd 2009,  Yar'adua fell into a coma. He was rushed to Saudi Arabia on that day and he never came out of that coma till the day that he died.  He went to Saudi Arabia for three months and he remained in a coma throughout the time that he was there. He was brought back to Nigeria, still in a coma, on February 23rd 2010, three months later, again to the day.  As I said before there is a lot of significance in numbers.
He came back to Nigeria on February 23rd 2010 still in a coma and he died and was buried a few months later. That is the power of God. God honoured His word to me and to many others that were being persecuted at the time that we ''will see the end of this man''. I didn’t go anywhere, I didn't run away, I was here in my house and I saw it all happen. And as regards all that has happened after that and since then the Lord has already told me the end and consequently I have no fears. I have no fears for my country, my family, my loved ones or myself because I know the God whom I serve. He has already determined how things will end and turn out for all of us so why fear anything? I am like Obasanjo- ''ori mi le'' (meaning my head and spirit is strong). Let me put it to you in another way- ‘'ori Femi Fani Kayode le’' (meaning Femi Fani-Kayode has a strong head and a strong spirit). It’s like Obasanjo's. Obasanjo is somebody that if anybody wrongs him something awful always happens to that person. Check his history very well and you will find out that what I am saying is true. If you persecute Obasanjo you are in trouble. If you try and kill him or jail him you are in trouble. Obasanjo is a very dangerous man not because he is in any way superhuman but only because God has a very special interest in his life and He guards him jealously. Just go and find out what happens to all his enemies and those that plot evil against him. I am very similar to that. This is the first time that I have ever spoken publically about all these personal things and I may not do so again until my book comes out.  I usually only write and comment on public issues of national concern and I don’t talk about what I am going through. I don’t talk about the suffering and persecution I have been through over the last four years, the wickedness that has been inflicted on me, the loneliness that I have suffered because my family have been away from me, the betrayals that I have been subjected to, the lies that people have told about me, the bitter challenges and obstacles that I have faced and so many other things. I never talk about or write about these things because at least I have good health and life and most important of all I have a mighty God who takes care of me and who meets all my needs in a wondrous way.
So why should I complain to any human being or share my pain with them?  I write essays regularly but I make a point of not writing about my personal issues or challenges because that one I take to prayer and to God alone.
He is awesome and He is faithful. All those that thought I would suffer in life , that thought that I would be dead by now, that wrote me off and boasted that I was finished are sorely ashamed today and have been disgraced by my God because my voice is still strong in this nation and I am still kicking strong. It’s not because of me or because I am in any way special. It is because of the power of God in me and the fact that my God has promised that He will never leave me or forsake me. That is the secret of my life and the key to my strength. I can go through anything as long as God is with me. Without Him I am nothing, but with Him I am everything. Apart from that I am blessed with a very good, strong, prayerful and resilient wife. I am very proud of my wife and my children. They have been through so much over the years because of me. I keep them out of public glare but I love them so deeply. I will tell you that nothing moves me when it comes to my challenges because I know the beginning of them all and I know the end. That is what keeps me going. I despise the shame and I go through it all with my head held up high. There is nothing that they can do to me or say to me that will deter me or make me give up. I will continue until that which God has said will happen actually happens. And I know that it will happen because God is not a liar. He is faithful to His word no matter how long it takes. In the fullness of time and at the end of it all the Lord shall bring me to an expected end. The counsel of the ungodly shall not stand over my life and the Lord will honour His word and not cause it to fail. It is because of this that despite all I have seen and that I have suffered I am one of the happiest people that you can ever meet. I am full of joy and hope because the joy of the Lord is my strength. 

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